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Chlorophyll Hair Benefits–We Break Down TikTok’s Trendiest Ingredient

Looks like this vital substance isn’t just for plants.

Chlorophyll is the an essential nutrient responsible for helping leafy plants absorb sunlight. It’s what gives them their green color. In the context of the human body, chlorophyll has significant health and beauty effects. From hair growth to color enhancement, this mighty molecule packs a punch. It’s also one of the ingredients that’s risen to viral fame via TikTok, with creators touting chlorophyll for improving hydration and overall glow.

Jury is still out on whether or not chlorophyll delivers glowing skin, but read on to find out how this unconventional ingredient can majorly improve your mane.

Via Unsplash

Enhances Hair Growth

First thing is first: chlorophyll is full of mane-saving nutrients and proteins. From vitamin B, D, and E to calcium and potassium, this plant substance provides numerous essential nutrients your body needs to produce healthy hair and nails. Some of these nutrients are synthesized to produce keratin, a vital molecule for strong tresses. Chlorophyll is also a source of magnesium, which can help stimulate circulation in the scalp and thus promote hair growth. Products like Rahua’s Voluminous Shampoo rely on this antioxidant-rich substance to enhance overall hair health, so go get your chlorophyll on.

Via Rahua

Boosts Your Color

This perk might not come as a surprise. Chlorophyll and color go hand in hand. This powerful particle has been known to slow down the progression of gray hair, helping strands produce melanin in each follicles pigment cells.

Nourishes Your Strands

Well this super rich wonder product keeps getting better and better. In addition to the hair growth and color benefits, chlorophyll’s antioxidant properties and vitamin-heavy composition work to improve overall hair health. With one single ingredient both conditions, strengthens, and detoxes – there’s so many benefits to this plant-based substance.


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