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Chris Appleton Shares His Expert Tips on How to Perfect Your DIY Dye Job

We weren’t born yesterday. All of these years have served as proper training from our colorist that hammered in the fact that we should never take hair color into our own hands.

We’ve been asked (read: pleaded with) that we reframe from giving ourselves DIY dye jobs, no matter the circumstance. Chris Appleton, the master behind some of the most memorable hair moments of our era (JLo at Super Bowl anyone?) is typically one of the voices dolling out this sane advice.

Nevertheless, these are unprecedented times. We are in a global quarantine with no end in sight. All bets are off and Mr. Appleton knows. His inbox is flooded with questions and he has been made incredibly aware of our quarantine temptations.

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Given how desperado we are, it’s no surprise that at-home hair color is having a moment. REVLON tapped their friends at Nielson and calculated a whopping rise in DIY dye jobs. This is especially true for our red-headed friends who clocked in a 27.9% sales bump at the end of a recent week. Blondes aren’t far behind, the popular shade experienced 26.5% more sales during the same period.

Given these numbers, Mane Master Chris Appleton was doing God’s work when he took to his Instagram live to share expert-caliber tips on how to color your own hair using REVLON Total Color. Chris mercifully provided his quarantined audience with a plethora of advice: from full coverage to root touch-ups, he spared no detail when it came to getting it right.

When discussing root touch-ups, Appleton suggested you start by dabbing Vaseline on and around your hairline. This will protect the skin close to your hair from absorbing the dye. The second tip he had during his IG live was to part your hair in a “T” to get neat and even application. His third tip involves a bit more hand gymnastics. When you are trying to touch-up the back section of your hair, tip your head forward to get as close as possible to the root. This will help keep your application mess free and will also allow for you to target hard-to-reach places behind your head.

(Courtesy of @chrisappleton1)

The hair pro also spilled on the best way to apply all-over color. His first tip was to start using the right equipment. He suggests a towel and protective gloves so that you won’t accidentally dye the back of your neck or your hands. His second tip involves parting your hair in quarter inch sections.

(Courtesy of @chrisappleton1)

Chris Appleton suggests using your applicator to part the hair in order to create even sections. His final tip for all-over color is to section the hair into four after you’ve already colored each quarter inch section. He suggests applying the product on top of the prior application and rubbing the product between your hands to emulsify. He also reminded us to always check the box for timing and rinsing instructions.

Chris Appleton’s suggested products are REVLON Total Color: $7.99 for 100% gray coverage that can last up to six weeks. This non-drip formula is available in 16 permanent hair color shades.

via Revlon

When it comes to roots, Chris Appleton favors REVLON Root Erase Permanent Root Touch Up: $12.99. It’s the brand’s best selling permanent hair color formula enriched with keratin and silk amino acid.

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