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Chris Appleton Shares How to Create His Top 3 Red Carpet Hair Looks


08 . 05 . 19
Emilie Branch

Emilie Branch

Writer at Mane Addicts
Emilie is a writer and editor based in New York. Though she writes about beauty, she has written for a variety of lifestyle and industry publications over the last ten (plus) years. Find out what color Emilie’s hair is now by following her on Instagram @emiliebranch.
Emilie Branch

Chris Appleton knows hair trends. The celeb stylist, who lists Ariana Grande, JLo, Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner as his regulars, is responsible for some of the most iconic red carpet looks that have found their way to the streets/your insta feed. We checked in with the Mane Master to find out what looks he’s loving right now and how to get his top 3 go-to styles of the season (and maybe even the year).


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Glass Hair

We’ve seen it on pretty much every celeb in the star-o-sphere, so it’s safe to say that glass hair is an on-trend keeper. “Super glossy shiny hair has always been the Holy Grail but never really reached the extreme that it has until now. New tools and the right products make this look easy to achieve,” says Chris. Whatever your length or texture, there’s a glass hair look for you. To achieve levels of skyscraper wall sleekness, Chris explains that the most fundamental and important step is the first one. “Prep the hair with Color Wow Dream Coat: $28 —it’s my favorite product,” he shares. “It transforms the texture of the hair, keeps out humidity, and really gives you that mirror-like shine.  It’s not at all heavy or greasy and won’t weight the hair down,” he continues.

“This look is not reliant on a straightening iron and I think that’s where a lot of people get it wrong. Straightening iron the hair can look rigid and dry. Having glass hair is about free flowing, shiny intensely glossy hair. The hair moves and has life to it and that’s from blow drying the Dream Coat in.” You heard it here, folks — don’t get boxed into sizzling your locks in the name of glass hair, just liberally apply dream coat, blow it dry and live your glassiest, least-damaged mane life.



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The Ponytail

The ponytail is our fave for many reasons but mostly because of it’s #instalift abilities. “The ponytail never goes out of style.  Whether it’s high and tight or low and sophisticated, the ponytail position has the power to change the face,” preaches Chris, who stresses that where a pony falls can make or break your whole look.

“Honestly, that whole ponytail situation, especially an Ariana Grande ponytail, is all about the placement on the head — if you place it an inch backwards or an inch forward, it literally makes all the difference,” he shares. “A lot of people make a mistake when they’re trying to get their hair that high, because gravity pulls you backwards. By the time you’ve tied it, it might look a little bit lower,” he explains.


To pony like a champ, copy a champ’s technique. “My tip is, when you’re doing it from the sideburn area, lift straight up from the cheekbone and directly into the ponytail. If that area looks saggy or not clean, that’s what makes it not look snatched and not look fierce. When that’s tight, it lifts the eyes and gives you that real dramatic finish. When it comes to the details, I’ll tuck a few braids or accessories, and then always add in a hairpiece. They can be as cheap as $20 or as expensive as you want, but just adding in a bit of extra hair on top and wrapping it around really takes it from daytime to something that’s really major and stands out.”



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The Wet Look

Like glass hair, the wet look (one of Chis’ most requested looks) is all about using the right products. Again, he relies on Color Wow to get the hair job done. “I can’t do it without Color Wow Pop and Lock: $20,” says Chris, because “it gives the hair this really amazing wet look but without any of the crunch.” He then goes in with a curling iron to get the wet looks patented softness. “It’s super touchable because I don’t use a gel, which is the mistake a lot of people make. For a little more definition and hold I like to use the Color Wow Cult Favorite Firm + Flexible Hairspray: $24 which I’ll spray onto a big toothcomb. From there, I’ll put the comb in the top section for a ‘fingers through the hair’ look and let it stay there for a moment,” he continues.

Cutting out damaging hot tools is a priority for Chris. “I want people to go back to using great products instead of relying on heat,” he says. For the wet look especially, the key is to use the right products that don’t make the hair feel oily or crunchy.

There’s more than one way to wet look. HERE’s another must-see pro guide.

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