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Christina Caradona Trop Rouge

She is the epitome of effortless style and embodies the true nature of an ‘It girl’ . Born in New York, raised in France (the perfect recipe for style maven greatness) Christina Caradona from Trop Rouge has that certain “je ne sais quoi.” Christina also has a mane full of envious curls that create as much of a statement as the amazing fashions she models on the daily. 

Caradona’s signature look could be described as downtown edgy meets vintage perfection, but it’s her tousled locks that have become just as much a part of her signature look. What started as a hobby, Caradona’s Trop Rouge serves as an online fashion and hair destination for many.

Christina Caradona Trop Rouge

Whether you have seen her on Pinterest, Tumblr, or Instagram, her mane of curls is easily recognizable. The secret to her perfect bouncy curls is equally as unsatisfying as it is envy inducing, “I was born with super curly hair,” she tells her readers; and her color is just as natural. She admits, “my color is real. I have tried to make it darker once but it didn’t work out. I have naturally reddish hair/light brown. And when there is a lot of sun it changes in color. In the summer when I’m at the beach my hair turns practically golden. My roots are always dark, but once it starts to grow out it changes it’s mind and goes another color…no joke.”

If you’re wondering what products she uses, she swears by Frizz Ease and AG Dry Shampoo.

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