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HAIR TALK: Christine Symonds and Kylee Heath

christine symonds kylee heath hair talk interview

Celebrity hairstylists Kylee Heath and Christine Symonds are a match made in heaven. Both have bright bubbly personalities and extreme talent to match. You may know Kylee as the woman who styled both Jordana Brewster‘s fierce braid and Jenna Dewan‘s grungy wet hair in our Exclusive Mane Muse Editorials, but she’s also the woman behind Sofia Vergara’s sexy full waves- not to mention she styles the likes of Ashley Benson, Kiernan Shipka, Rosamund Pike, and Diane Kruger (to name a few). Christine is our go-to short hair guru. She famously chopped off Kaley Cuoco’s signature long locks into the super cute pixie she’s been sporting all year. She also is the woman behind Scarlett Johansson’s versatile red carpet looks. Not to say that’s all she can do- remember Odette Anable’s gorgeous low chignon from earlier this year? Yeah- that was Christine too. Well these two talented ladies got to together to talk about what we love most- hair! Take a peek at their conversation below.


KYLEE: Hi Christine! I’m s excited to do this with you. I was laughing because I was on my computer and I couldn’t remember what salon you were at. So I googled your name like a creep and saw that you used to have a platinum blonde pixie cut- and I had the exact same hair 6 or 7 years ago! I was wondering what inspired you to do that.


CHRISTINE: Well, it was a bit of stupidity and a bit of fate. I was in beauty school and really really really wanted platinum blonde hair. I had had like 50 people color my hair before that and none of my hair teachers would do it for me! I went to Vidal Sassoon and they were really set on keeping the integrity of the hair so it would have to be done in a really slow process. So like a stubborn kid in school, I went home and had one of my friends apply a tub of bleach on my medium length hair. My hair turned a bright shade of neon orange at first, so the only logical thing to do was to bleach it again! So we applied the bleach again and my hair ended up being a nice neon yellow. I ended up having to walk into school like I was doing a walk of shame the next morning and you know what beauty school is like, everyone gets ready, their hair is always done and styled, everyone tries to look their best, but I had a hat on that day, so my teachers came over and were like, “alright, what did you do?!” Anyways, they said they could fit me into a color correction class only if they could color my hair the way they wanted. So I got my blonde, but I lost so many inches. I was sad, but it was a blessing in disguise because I ended up wearing my hair short like that for so many years after.


KYLEE: And it looked so cute on you!!


CHRISTINE: Thank you! I don’t think I would have had the guts to do it if it wasn’t for my stupidity in coloring my own hair! I want to see a picture of yours!


KYLEE: I know! Mine was in beauty school too.


CHRISTINE: My question for you is if you were to go to a island for a shoot and could only bring three things, what would you bring and why?


KYLEE: That’s a great question! I would probably bring my blowdryer, an Ibiza roundbrush, and hairspray. I think I would bring those 3 things because with a blowdryer and a roundbrush you can add texture to the hair or you can style it straight, then with that same brush you can tease and add volume to the hair if you have to. Then I would bring a hairspray- I’m obsessed with the Shu Uemura hairspray right now. It has a great hold, but it’s not too stiff or sticky. I feel like I could keep applying that if I wanted something more sleek or I could use it on my hands if I wanted to smooth out the ends. That’s tough!


CHRISTINE: I know! You always have such amazing ideas, so I was wondering what your go-to 3 products would be!


KYLEE: Yeah, I feel like on every client I always use my blowdryer and roundbrush to prep the hair, so that was tough! That was a good one. Another question I thought would be cute is if you could be one hairstyle what would you be?


CHRISTINE: Here’s the thing- I feel like what I know I would be and what I would want to be are two different questions. I think in my dream world I would have the Bardot, sexy, volume, texture, big full, done hair. That’s my dream- everyday I wish my hair was like that! But in reality, my hair doesn’t do that and I’m always on the go and I actually spend very little time on my hair. So I’d say I’m a low, slick, bun kind of girl. I don’t really do topknots, I don’t really do ponytails. I think that’s it- just very minimalistic, simple, and pulled back.


KYLEE: Yes, me too!


CHRISTINE: I always feel like you come up with really creative ideas and I was obsessed with what you did on Diane Kruger with the double braids. You’re always posting such cool braids that totally make me look at them differently. You have your braid day on Instagram every week, and you always post something creative and fun. Where do you get your inspiration and how do you come up with such cool ideas?


KYLEE: Well, I love Pinterest! If I’m bored or on a junket I always scroll through and pin things that inspire me. I’ve always loved braids, and there’s the generic ways to do your classic braids, and then variations on each one. I think we’re so blessed with our jobs as hair stylists where you can always try something out, then if it doesn’t work you can take it out and try again. It’s so different with cutting, because you cut it off, and then that’s it- it’s over. I try to keep an open mind where I’m not too married to anything and can experiment until I find something that works.


CHRISTINE: It’s like you’re sketching the style before you finish it.


KYLEE: Yeah! Wy Wednesday Instagram posts on braids also encourage me to try to style my own hair, because I usually am on the go and don’t do much with my hair either.

I know you are at the salon and with an agency, do you like having that balance? Are you only cutting or do you do color as well?


CHRISTINE: I only cut and style. I love being able to have both, it really keeps the inspiration flowing. It’s fun because when you’re on a shoot, a lot of times we’re doing styles that may be more avant garde, something you wouldn’t necessarily wear everyday. Shoots are also usually for the upcoming season, so we get to see the new trends and predicted styles before they come out. It’s fun to translate that for clients in the salon who aren’t necessarily walking down the runway. Also-vice versa, I get to sit down with everyday people in the salon and get to hear from them what they think is cool. I think it really keeps a good balance between reality and fantasy.


KYLEE: Yeah I know what you mean. I was in the salon when I first started and I kind of miss it. There are so many haircut trends now and I miss having that aspect too.


CHRISTINE: Yeah, and it really keeps me on my toes because clients that come into the salon really want to know what the trends are, so I have to stay current with pop culture and what’s going on in the fashion world so I can recommend and relate that to my clients.

Another question I have for you is if you could do anyone’s hair-dead or alive, who would it be?


KYLEE: Oooo! I think I’ll pick one alive and one dead. Of course I would love to meet Marilyn Monroe and to do her hair would be a dream. It would be so fun to see what her energy was like, and her hair was always so styled. Obviously Bridget Bardot, she’s alive still, but she always had such amazing hair. Then, I would choose Blake Lively. I would LOVE to do her hair. It looks like she has such beautiful hair, she’s always switching it up, and she’s just so gorgeous. I feel like she would be such a dream client.


CHRISTINE: Yes, she has such amazing hair.


KYLEE: Yeah, and it’s never too structured, which isn’t really my style either. What about you? Who would you choose?


CHRISTINE: I think I would love to go back and do someone like Lucille Ball, or something in the same vain as Marilyn Monroe. Right now everything is so undone, that it would be fun to go back to that era where everything was so set and styled- that classic beauty. Other than that, there are so many people I would love to work with. Blake Lively was a great one! I would love to work with someone like Claudia Schiffer, Gisele, or Olivia Palermo. There are so many amazing great, fashionable girls out there with great hair.


KYLEE: Ooh yeah- like the Olsen twins. I would love to work with them.


CHRISTINE: If you could be anything other than a hairdresser what would you be?


KYLEE: Growing up I always wanted to be a teacher. I loved doing hair, but I would always say I wanted to be a teacher for kindergarten or first grade. I did cosmetology school my senior year of highschool, then I went and looked at FIDM, and was thinking about doing something in fashion, but I just know for a fact that I can’t be trapped inside. I can’t be trapped behind a desk or working a 9-5. When I was in highschool, I had a 9-5 for like 2 days because I couldn’t handle it. Even now, when I’m working a press junket and have to be inside all day, it’s so hard for me.

You know- I think I would like to be a chef or a cook where I would be doing different things every day, learning constantly. Maybe a cooking teacher.


CHRISTINE: Fun! Also creative, and you get to eat all day.


KYLEE: Haha yeah exactly! What about you?


CHRISTINE: I would definitely do something in design, either interior design or graphic design. I can obsess over organizing a bookshelf or playing with filters and altering photos for hours. 



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