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Christophe Robin Gives LA Babes the Ultimate French-Girl-Hair Pampering

christophe robin paris mane addicts event

When Christophe Robin touches down in Tinseltown, you can expect a trail of beautiful hair to be left behind. The Mane Master and creator of namesake haircare line passed a little bit of French-girl-hair wisdom on to us when he showed us the light to healthy hair at our event in West Hollywood’s Goddard & Bragg Salon. 

christophe robin treatment mask goddard bragg salon jen atkin mane addictshair treatment christophe robin paris

A batch of our fave VIP beauties, like Michelle Take Aim and beauty editors from Violet Grey and Byrdie, dropped in for the ultimate Christophe Robin Paris treatment. Our guests’ manes got the works—a private consult with Christophe himself followed by a personalized hair treatment and blowoutchristophe robin paris haircareStrong, shiny strands were the ravishing result. We hooked the ladies up with MA swag and personalized Christophe Robin goodies so they could take their pampering from the salon-turned-Parisian-garden home with them. Get your hands on the treatments that revive hair color so good you’ll feel like you just left your colorist, here

Jen Atkin Christophe Robin Goddard + Bragg Salon

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