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This Shampoo Turned My Dry Hair Into Soft, French Girl Hair


01 . 31 . 19
Nina Aghadjanian

Nina Aghadjanian

Associate Social Media Manager at Mane Addicts
Nina Aghadjanian

French Mane Master Christophe Robin has been in the Parisienne coiffure primping game for a while so this review is overdue, but if you’re looking for a new everyday shampoo that allows you to skip conditioner (seriously), this is it.

Ahead of a holiday family trip, I scanned my overflowing stash of hair products for a travel-size shampoo that would maintain my mane’s moisture amidst Washington state’s rainy, frizz-inducing weather. Alas I came upon a mini version of the Christophe Robin Regenerating Shampoo with Prickly Pear Oil. Jen Atkin’s known to use the Regenerating Balm from the line on supermodel styles so obviously I knew the results would be good—but I was in for a surprise when the results were extraordinary.

The product description on the site describes it as “a creamy formula that nourishes deeply from root to tip, for sumptuous, smooth, and shiny-looking hair.” The formula is infused with prickly pear oil, which is apparently a natural antioxidant with intense repairing powers. I assume that’s what made the shampoo smell divine. Anyway, as of late, I don’t have the patience to wash my hair, massage my scalp, and wait for a conditioner to soak in so I’ve ditched the conditioner altogether. So when I tried the Regenerating Shampoo, I knew I’d be able to discern the level of moisture it delivered to my dry, wavy hair. After I unwrapped my hair from my turban, I felt the difference—soft and clean. The true test would be when I started detangling it. Although I can’t say the brush glided seamlessly through the hair, I was able to brush through my knots very easily considering I didn’t use conditioner. What’s more, my hair dried in that French girl fashion—effortlessly tousled and soft to the touch. At $40 for a full-size bottle, it’s a little over my budget but if it means my hair can do away with conditioner, stay soft, and get a mini color lift without a professional, then consider me sold.

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