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Yes, Blondes Can Rock Chunky Highlights Too

Chunky highlights aren’t just for brunettes. Blondes can get in on this ’90s aesthetic too. As a blonde, your color options are endless…if you want all-over color—sometimes highlights can get lost in the mix. But blondes have more to look forward to than basic balayage. From face-framing bright bits to punk-rock dark streaks, blondes can definitely get in on the chunky highlight trend. Scroll below to see how!

1. Dark Streaks

Nothing is more ’90s than classic color-blocking. And when you can’t go lighter, you can go darker. A sort of reverse-chunky-highlight is a blonde’s dream.

2. Candy-Cane Mane

A chess board-inspired dye job is the ultimate move. Perfect for a blonde looking to switch it up and really go for it.

3. Subtle Streaking

Chunky highlights don’t have to be overwhelming. This slightly more subtle take on the trend totally works on a blonde mane.

4. Money Piece Highlights

An excellent option for a ’90s blonde moment. Going extra light around your face is a righteous retro move.

5. Under Color

A little hidden color goes a long way. Under hair color is another way to work a chunky hue into your blonde strands.


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