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HOW-TO: Ciara’s BET 2015 Awards Hair by César Ramirez

ciara BET awards janet jackson

Sunday night’s BET Awards were all buzz and anticipation for the Janet Jackson Tribute performance. No other then Ciara graced the stage to perform the hit “Rhythm Nation” To get Ciara red carpet and performance ready, Celebrity Stylist César Ramirez used MIZANI products to make those tresses flow.

ciara BET awards janet jackson

“Last night was one of the most fulfilling moments of my career, said Ramirez. “I’ve always dreamt of being apart of Janet Jackson’s team since I was a child in dance school and even now as an adult hair stylist, she has always inspired me.”

Ciara and Cesar

When Ciara gave César the news that she had been chosen to honor Janet at the 15th annual BET Awards, he was completely enamored but not surprised. Ciara is modern day Janet. “I don’t mean to compare or discredit anyone with that statement, says Ramirez”. “But, I am a fan of both super beautiful, sexy, talented, and iconic women. I saw no better person to honor Ms. Jackson considering the role would have to be executed by a phenomenal dancer just like the Queen herself.

“This day was a tricky day for us! We for sure waned to capture the essence of Janet, but still remain true to Ciara and her brand. We wanted to try a beautifully natural curly hair look for the stage, but for the red carpet we wanted a softer understated look to feature her Wes Gordon dress.

So, for rehearsals prior to the show, I styled Ciara’s hair in a full naturally diffused curl look to test out our stage look.  The challenge was to smooth out the look for the Carpet and then get the hair back to curly for the stage. With such contrasting styles and little time between looks, I needed reliable products to ease the challenge.”

 ciara BET awards janet jackson


  1. “Start on damp freshly washed hair.
  2. Next, spray generously all throughout the hair with MIZANI’s 25 Miracle Milk to detangle and leave in conditioner. 
  3. To hydrate the curls, I used MIZANI’s True Texture Perfect Curl. It controls frizz and defines curls.. 
  4. To finish, I used my diffuser attachment and carefully dried the hair in sections creating volume and definition.

For the performance, I wanted an extra touch to really give us a Janet feel so I added a little highlight for a pop of color, so I used slices of Indique bounce curl which I pre colored to a light golden brown.”

ciara BET awards janet jackson


  1. Start off by spraying the hair with a small amount of MIZANI’s 25 Miracle Milk and blow-dry the hair in sections until smooth.
  2. Then, in smaller sections lightly press out the hair using a flat iron like the ENZO Milano GIO 2 Pro  *Make sure not to make hair too straight or too flat.
  3. Next, using MIZANI’s Defyne Wax, mold the hair back off the face and hold the sides in place. For the ends, I used MIZANI’s Supreme Oil to add shine and Control frizz. 
  4. To finish, I used my MIZANI’s HRM Humidity Resistant Mist

What do you think of Ciara’s Janet Jackson inspired ‘do? Sound off in the comments and be sure to follow @cesar4styles for more #manespiration. 

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