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Just Like Her Skin, Cindy Crawford’s Hair Doesn’t Age—This Is Her Secret

The legendary Cindy Crawford has been the definition of beauty ever since her modeling career first took off in the 1980s. And while the supermodel hasn’t aged a day since that iconic Pepsi commercial aired, the same can’t be said for her strands, or anyone else’s for that matter. While we have all the serums, moisturizers, and more to erase any and every sign of aging that pops up on our complexion, we don’t often talk about our hair aging. Much like it affects Cindy, it impacts every single one of us too. But the model wasn’t going to accept defeat quite yet—oh, no. Instead, Cindy came up with the perfect solution—a Meaningful Beauty hair line.

An extension of her incredibly popular skincare brand, the Meaningful Beauty haircare system features an array of products designed to address the six signs of aging hair to leave you with a healthier, younger-looking mane. We chatted with Cindy all about the inspiration behind the line, how it works, and more. She even doled out the best hair advice she’s ever given her daughter Kaia Gerber and trust us, it’s good. Scroll below to read our exclusive interview with the mogul!

Mane Addicts: What are your biggest hair tips for maintaining a healthy scalp and hair?

Cindy Crawford: I recently launched the Meaningful Beauty Age-Proof Hair Care System after noticing changes in my own hair. I had asked my development team at Meaningful Beauty if the same ingredients that have helped me maintain younger-looking skin could be effective for hair too. When you think about it, our scalp is skin, so it makes sense that the melon super antioxidants and melon leaf stem cell technology in our skincare would work on the scalp to help create a healthy environment for great hair. I made sure the Restorative Scalp Treatment is a spray that’s easy to use and doesn’t weigh hair down. Our Strengthening Shampoo does what the name says, it actually makes hair more resilient. Same with our Smooth & Shiny Conditioner, it has silk proteins in it that double the shine of hair, plus hydrate it.

MA: As a supermodel, when did you notice a change to more thin/brittle hair?

CC: I took my hair for granted when I was younger. I always had great hair and no matter what the hairstylists did to it, it kept its strength and shine. However, after I had children and started coloring my hair more often, I noticed it wasn’t as bouncy, shiny, or thick as it used to be. We expect to see a few wrinkles on our skin, but I didn’t realize that our hair ages too. And the truth is, it happens to pretty much all of us.

MA: How long did it take for your hair to become full and sexy using the Meaningful Beauty Hair range?

CC: Even after one use, my hair felt more manageable, softer, and shinier. After a month of using the scalp spray and the system, I really noticed a difference overall. Now, my ponytail feels thicker, and my hair is definitely shinier. There’s less breakage too, and less hair ends up in my brush when I brush my hair. Even my hairdresser said I ‘have my old hair back.’

MA: Do you share any hair secrets with your daughter to prevent her hair from damage as a model?

CC: The only hair advice I give Kaia at this point is just to have fun with it—hair grows back! About a year after I started modeling, I was totally traumatized when a hairdresser chopped off my ponytail without asking me. Once my hair grew back, I never really changed it that much. I wish I would have been a little more experimental, that’s why I tell her to just have some fun and not stress about it.

MA: Did you incorporate any scalp-healthy foods or supplements to aid in the regeneration?

CC: I started using biotin several years ago, which is great for hair and nails. Just recently, Meaningful Beauty launched the Beauty Sleep Supplement—a nighttime supplement that contains biotin and melatonin. I don’t know about anyone else, but I look and feel much better after a good night’s sleep.

After reading this interview are you feeling a little worried about your hair aging? We thought so, which is why we wanted to share THESE seven anti-aging products that are basically eye cream for your hair!

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