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Cindy Crawford’s Hairstylist on the Biggest Hair Mistake Women 45+ Make

We all know that being one of the world’s biggest supermodels comes with some pretty amazing perks, like getting glammed by the biggest hairdressers in the world. Over the years, Cindy Crawford and her effortlessly tousled 90’s blowout has become an iconic staple on Instagram feeds and Pinterest boards everywhere, to which she parlayed into her own line Meaningful Beauty that she created alongside her partner Richard Marin, who’s her longtime hairstylist.

One thing that has separated Meaningful Beauty from the sea of other celebrity-owned brands on the market–Forbes reports the business is valued at over $400 million–is that she taps her elite glam squad members to weigh in on her products ranging from skincare that she developed with her own dermatologist, Dr. Jean-Louis Sebagh, body care and now more recently, haircare with Richard.

The line, which focuses around the brand’s melon leaf stem cell technology, helps to moisturize and condition the scalp so it creates a better environment for healthy hair to grow as well as an Age-Proof Hair Care System.

Below, we chat with Richard on his tips on healing heat damage, how to maintain a healthy scalp and the biggest mistakes women 45+ are making with their manes.

via Meaninful Beauty

Mane Addicts: You’ve been doing Cindy’s hair for years – when did you notice a change in Cindy’s hair?

Richard Marin: I noticed a slow change over the years in Cindy’s hair where her hair just felt dehydrated and was lacking natural shine and that was not her normal hair condition.

MA: What are your biggest tips for maintaining healthy scalp + hair?

RM: As a professional stylist, I find that if you keep your scalp free of product build up and stimulate your scalp simply performing a daily scalp massage or brushing your scalp as gently as you brush your hair, you’re doing what you can to promote a healthy scalp and hair. I like the Meaningful Beauty Restorative Scalp Treatment because it is simple to use. I keep my spray on my bath counter and spray my scalp daily just before I brush my teeth so it becomes part of my morning routine.

Meaningful Beauty 3 Piece Age Proof Treatment System: $29.95

via Meaningful Beauty

MA: Was Cindy’s slow change a result of styling and heat damage or more hormonal – or both?

RM: Hair is a direct result of your health. Genetics play a huge part, but I can always tell if someone is going through a life change such as giving birth to a baby, stress, or is on medications. The hair becomes limp, will not style the same way it used to and will have a matte finish

MA: How long did it take for Cindy’s hair to become full + sexy using the Meaningful Hair range? 

RM: I noticed the change immediately, Cindy had not told me at first she was testing the product for herself and it seemed to be within a 3 month period of working with her that her hair was shiny and bouncy and then the real reveal was that her ponytail was thicker.

via Meaningful Beauty

MA: What are some foods and supplements customers can use to support hair growth in tandem?

RM: I usually recommend that clients add more good fat proteins to their diet including avocado, omega fish oils, etc. because it makes a significant difference. I personally have had good results with nutrafol hair, Meaningful Beauty Beauty Sleep Supplement, and 30 mcg of biotin.

MA: What are the biggest mistakes she sees women 45+ making (in regards to their hair health)?

RM: The biggest mistake I continually see is people do not adapt to their scalp and hair needs. We all make shifts to our diets when needed, but your scalp and hair need adjustments and love too. Whatever product you’ve always used can stop working or can be causing additional damage to your weakened hair and scalp. It’s important to read the ingredients on the products you use. If alcohol is one of the first two ingredients, you are definitely going to be drying out your hair and scalp much quicker. 

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