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These Are the US Cities With the Worst Water For Your Hair


11 . 05 . 18

Priscila Martinez

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Bad hair days happen, and we are quick to spread the blame when they do. We claim the culprits to be our products, our pillowcases and even our diet. Have you ever stopped to consider that maybe the city you live in could be responsible for all for all of your hair woes? Brace yourself, these cities have the worst hard water for your hair.

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Cities with worst water:

Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Tampa and San Antonio.

What causes “bad hair” cities?

Every city has a unique water supply. Unfortunately, some cities have higher concentrations of minerals in their water supply than others. When tap water in a particular area has a high accumulation of dissolved minerals, this is dubbed “hard water.” To our dismay, this type of water exists in over 80% of the USA. Not only does it wreak havoc on your hair and nails but, it can also create costly damage to appliances that use water (dishwasher, washing machine, etc.) to perform daily functions. It can damage your clothes and create huge problems in pipes for homeowners.

The typical makeup of hard water includes big calcium and magnesium deposits. At one point or another, most of the USA was under a shallow sea. As water retreated throughout the years, the concentration of limestone across North America dissolved and made its way into our groundwater. The cities where hard water is a huge problem don’t tend to be in coastal areas. The hardest water can be found in Las Vegas, Indianapolis, Phoenix, Minneapolis, Tampa and San Antonio.

How to combat hard water

Hard water causes flat hair with a lot of build up. Although it sounds complex, fear not- the fix for hard water hair is easy. A hard water filter for your showerhead will reduce the number of minerals that actually make contact with your hair and nails. You can also opt for a residue fighting shampoo and conditioner duo.

No city pride here! THESE zip codes can also cause hair loss!


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