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Claire Sulmers Fashion Bomb Daily Natural Hair

When founder and Editor-In-Chief Claire Sulmers launched Fashion Bomb Daily back in 2006, she was sparking a new wave of fashion media with her  focus on multicultural style. While we love our daily dose of Fashion Bomb news, we can’t get enough of Sulmers’ gorgeous golden locs!

Claire Sulmers Fashion Bomb Daily Natural Hair Locs

The platinum blonde locs against her deep brown skin is a beautiful and striking contrast. In her guest blog post for Essence, Sulmers explained that her reason to go blonde was to create a unique and  signature look. Mission accomplished!

Claire Sulmers Fashion Bomb Daily Natural Hair Locs

After growing tired of maintaining braided hairstyles, Sulmers decided to go for a more permanent style and began locing her hair in college. Since then, the fashionista has gone on to give us plenty natural hair manespirations. Whether she’s wearing her signature updos, flawless buns, or just tossed to the side, Sulmers shows how glamorous and limitless loc styles can be. “With my hair, my style is really about just celebrating what makes natural hair unique,” the blonde beauty noted.

Claire Sulmers Fashion Bomb Daily Natural Hair Locs

Recently, the award-winning blogger launched her own personal site The Bomb Life for readers to keep up with her behind the scenes (and also see more of her fabulous hair!).

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