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The Most Important Step in Your Hair Washing Routine You’re Likely Missing

Have you ever washed your hair with the latest and greatest shampoo, only to find that it leaves your hair especially oily, dry or grimy? You’ve tried applying it in different variations (with conditioner and without, double-shampooing and single shampooing, adding hair oil—you name it), and you’re still getting the same results.

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That’s not actually necessarily due to the shampoo (though no shampoo works the same way for everyone). It could really be due to the process. Doing just a regular shampoo (and possible conditioner) rinse isn’t necessarily getting rid of all the buildup from hairspray, heat and general gunk found in the air.

Using a clarifying shampoo to kick off your regular hair-washing process from time-to-time is an absolute necessity. It strips your locks of all the bad stuff that’s been bogging it down, and essentially gives your mane a clean slate. Applying this particular shampoo is what then allows your regular shampoo (and whatever other products you choose to use) to properly sink into your scalp or ends, or wherever you apply them.

Loreal Mythic Oil

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It’s important, however, to be mindful of how frequently you use this powerful product. Clarifying shampoos are harsh, so if you’re someone who washes your hair every other day, for example, you do not want to apply this regularly. Stick to using it once every two weeks to a month. That said, if you wash your hair once a week, there will be enough accumulated buildup for you to use a clarifying shampoo each time you partake in the process.

Like other shampoos and hair products, no two clarifying shampoos are the same. Before committing to one, speak to your hairstylist about the best fit for your hair type and washing frequency.

Shampoo isn’t the only thing you need to keep in mind when you wash your hair. HERE’s what you should know about the effects of your showerhead.

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