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5 Festival Hair Trends That Will NEVER Go Out of Style!

Coachella 2017 is only one week away (!!), which means we’re already bracing ourselves for the onslaught of  mega mane #LOTD uploads that are about to come out of the dessert. As excited as we are to see what mane moments top supermodels and style setters will debut at the fairgrounds, it’s always good to go into festival season with a slew of trusty hairstyles in your arsenal to get you through. After all, Coachella is like the Spring Olympics of fashion, and no one wants to get caught with their mane in a major tizzy. So, we’ve rounded up our top five classic festival hair trends that will never go out of style. And we mean, never!  

classic festival hair trends blonde girl wavy hair denim shorts black shirt Coachella hair

1. Mohawk Braids


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Okay–I know RN you’re thinking of that scene in Devil Wears Prada where Meryl Streep is all like, “florals for spring, groundbreaking…” because we get it, braids at Coachella are not groundbreaking. But, hear us out! In years past, we’ve seen a lot of double braids, waterfall braids and skinny braids, etc…basically braids doing the most. But, if you want a no-fail braid that will look good and get you noticed, try mohawk braids. They are sleek, subtle and edgy and once they’re done, they stay put, which is a great thing when you might not have access to a mirror.

2. Half-Up, Half-Down


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When you want to show off your natural texture and/or beach waves, but you also can’t deal with hair falling in front of your face or the nasty sweat along your roots, half-up half-down styles are the way to go. They’re classic, look cute on every hair length from short to long, and stay put all day long.

3. The Facelift Pony


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When you’re going to be in a bunch of photos, but need to hide a serious amount of sweat and a lack-there-of eye glam, a snatched ponytail is literally your Coachella hair trend BFF . If you brush your hair up and back with a boar bristle brush and some hairspray, then secure it super tight with an elastic, it’ll give you the effects of an instant face-lift and make you appear brighter and more awake. And a high, power pony is so easy to customize with hair accessories, hair chalk, or long extensions so it can be different from day to night.

4. The Casual Topknot


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Nothing says I’ve been up all night dancing better than a lazy topknot, the most festival go-to hair style ever. But LBH in terms of classic festival hair trends, an intentional bun still reigns supreme. A casual topknot (look to Kendall Jenner for inspo) is a cute and easy way to dress down an over-the-top outfit or add height when you can’t be in heels. Also, go wild with bun cuffs, bandannas and braids for an extra dose of cool.

5. Mermaid Waves


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Mermaid waves have been a Kardashian go-to look for a few months now, and who doesn’t love a classic mermaid wave? Celebrity stylist Justine Marjan–who regularly gives Khloe Kardashian this look–achieves it with salt spray, a blowout, and alternating curling iron twists. To seal it in, add volume at the root with dry shampoo and oil on the ends.

Which classic festival hair trends will you be rocking this year? Let us know below!


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