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The 5 Elements of Coastal Grandmother Hair

The coastal grandmother trend is TikTok’s latest obsession, but the aesthetic is nothing new. Coastal grandmothers are exemplified by white linens, an immaculate beach house, freshly-signed divorce papers, and produce from their garden. Think of the reoccurring wise woman (who happens to live at the beach) in any Nancy Myers movie, Diane Keaton as the rom-com anti-hero, Ina Garten, Oprah Winfrey, and Martha Stewart.

And of course, as Lex Nicoleta, who coined the term says, you don’t have to actually be coastal or a grandmother to channel the look. Coastal grandmother hair is clean and fresh without being overdone or overstyled. Although it’s not in your face, you can tell a coastal grandmother spent time on herself. The key elements are the perfect blowout, subtle highlights, and a wicker hat. Though the trend is motivated by effortless wealth, you don’t need to break the bank to look like you’ve invested in your hair.

Wicker Hat

Every coastal grandmother has a timeless wicker hat to guard against the elements. It’s one of the most important components of achieving coastal grandmother hair.


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Subtle Highlights

Coastal grandmothers will have everyone wondering if they recently saw their colorist or if those highlights are from spending so much time in the sun.


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Shoulder-Length Layers

This classic cut and length has been a go-to coastal grandmother hair staple for years. We’re not rocking the private boat at our marina in Nantucket here, the look is expensive, pretty, effortless.

 Classic Blowout

Grab your round brush and Dyson, blowouts are a great way to feel your best, which is what the look requires of you.


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Soft Curls

Don’t fight the ocean-side breeze.

Coastal grandmother lends itself to playboy blonde. HERE’s how to get the right shade!

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