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MANESPIRATION: Coco Rocha’s Fashion Week Haircut By Anh Co Tran

STOP EVERYTHING. Supermodel Coco Rocha channels her inner 70’s rockstar with a fresh new cut just in time for fashion week. Take one look at Coco’s edgy new ‘do, and it’s no surprise that her perfectly tousled shag was created by Mane Master Anh Co Tran. coco rocha anh co tran haircut No stranger to the art of transformational makeovers, Anh took inspiration from the infamous Joan Jett and Suzi Quatro. Anh’s one-of-a-kind creative vision meets its muse with Coco’s sultry brunette strands.””The cut was a modern take on a beloved ’70s rock look,” he tells Harper’s Bazaar. “We knew the layering and overall shape would enhance Coco’s bone structure while the face framing bangs would open up her beautiful eyes. It’s a natural, longer, sexier and edgier alternative to the lob, which has been a popular trend throughout the past year.”

“Anh has given me so many amazing looks over the last few year,” says Coco… “from super short, to bobs to lobs and everything in between. During and after pregnancy, I found my hair grew like crazy and, while I was really happy with the length, it was all just kind of hanging limp.”

coco rocha anh co tran haircut

“I talked to my managers at IMG about changing my look ready for the new show season and we all agreed that a major inspiration this time around should be Joan Jett. The woman has always had amazing hair game—and she still does—but we wanted to go specifically for Joan circa 1978. Around that time, she had this amazing rock and roll shag haircut with multiple graduated layers and she wasn’t as heavy on the product as in the early ’80s. I love this new look! It feels so fresh for fall and I’m so excited to show it off over fashion week.”  

With to-die-for fringe, Coco’s daring new ‘do is inspiring us to embrace our inner rebel. We can’t wait to see Coco bring this fierce new look to the runway!

What’s your favorite look of Coco’s? Would you dare to rock this 80’s inspired hairstyle?! Sound off below!

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