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Here’s How to Ensure Coconut Oil Works for Your Hair Type

Coconut oil has been heralded for years as a hero moisturizing ingredient for the skin and hair, but like any other popular formula, it isn’t a one-size-fits-all situation when it comes to to efficiency. For example, hair that’s on the thinner side is likelier to get weighed down by direct application of this oil to the strands; or if you have brittle hair, too much protein in the oil is often the culprit. If you’re curious how to benefit from coconut oil in hair for all types, it starts with the blending of ingredients.

Coco & Eve is an example of a brand that incorporates coconut oil into its products in a way that’s beneficial to everyone. For a breakdown of the ingredient’s universal advantages and how to formulate it so it’s fitting for all, keep reading to learn from Tom Reynolds, Head of Brand at Coco & Eve.

General Benefits of Using Coconut Oil in Hair

“Coconut Oil is a holy grail ingredient for hair because of its composition,” Reynolds explains. “It’s loaded with sugars, minerals and one of the richest sources of amino acids. This makes it a haircare heavyweight for nourishing dry locks and strengthening strands for longer, stronger hair. If you bleach or color your hair, it’s a great ingredient to use before and after treatments to prevent damage and keep your hair color longer. Coconut Oil can deeply penetrate the hair cuticle due to its low molecular weight to nourish from the inside out, while its lauric acid content prevents protein loss for stronger, healthier hair that’s less prone to breakage. It can prevent split ends as well as add instant head-turning shine and radiance. Not only is it great for your hair, but also highly beneficial for your scalp, moisturizing skin to keep it free from dryness, flakes and the skin elastic creating a healthy environment for hair growth.”

“Its low molecular weight due to its medium-chain fatty-acid structure allows it to penetrate the hair shaft more effectively,” Reynolds explains. “This hydrates, nourishes and replenishes strands from the inside-out rather than just coating the surface, which can make locks heavy and wash off in the shower by the evening. There are studies showing that this better absorption prevents protein loss better than other oils such as olive or sunflower.”

Why Coco & Eve’s Coconut Oil-Infused Products Are Effective for All Hair Types

“We make products for all hair types and trial and test our formulas on a diverse range of locks to make sure they deliver instant, incredible results from first use,” Reynolds says. “The secret is in our blend of actives and botanicals, which work with your hair to give it exactly what it needs. For example, our new Like a Virgin Conditioner is packed with nourishing naturals, including coconut, avocado, almond, camellia, green tea and argan oils, twinned with hyaluronic acid to boost hair hydration by 26x. It’s free from silicones and heavy butters or oils that can de-volumize and weigh flatter hair types down. Our Hair Masque is a great product for all hair types, but if your locks need a bigger moisture boost, we recommend using our signature hair wrap as an overnight treatment for intense nourishment. If your strands are prone to breakage, tangling or frizziness, twin it with our Beauty Sleep Pillowcase to wake up with super shiny, smooth and sleek hair.”

To learn about why raw coconut oil is beneficial to some hair types more than others, click HERE.

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