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Why I Fell (Back) In Love With Coconut Oil


Using Coconut Oil on hair and skin is nothing new. Actually, coconut oil’s kind of the OG beauty oil – it smells good, tastes good and can be slathered anywhere that needs intense hydration. A few years ago I swore by it as a winter-survival hair mask but – as with anything – more oils came onto the market and coconut oil sort of just … faded into the background (and honestly, it felt kind of #basic and I really hated having to keep those huge coconut oil jars in my bathroom!). But it’s 2017 now and I’m not afraid to admit; I’m wayyyy back onto Coconut Oil. So, what changed? How did I fall back in love with this #basic oil? One word: Kopari.

I first saw Kopari on Sephora.com (as one does) and I was immediately intrigued. It didn’t look like the same boring, old-school coconut oil because the packaging was colorful and cute and it’s beauty related uses were listed right on the bottle. Kopari, I learned, has basically re-imagined coconut oil and packages it in a way that makes sense to modern skincare enthusiasts (aka me). It wasn’t, however, until I held the products in my hand and started using them that I really got hooked. Of all 7 unique products in their line my favorite (for hair) has to be the Coconut Melt and it’s convenient little spoon which – as I expected – is made of 100% pure coconut oil. I’m sure there are so many uses for these products, but here are the hair uses that you need to try;

Coconut Oil Hair Beauty Oil Love

As a Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

I slather the Coconut Melt onto my hair and let it soak it for 10 minutes. It melts easily in my hands and spread easily throughout my hair. When I rinse it out I feel like a whole new person (in the best way).

As a finishing serum

The Sheer Oil is seriously magic in a bottle. When I step out of the shower I add a little to soothe split ends. Ff I’m going for that wet-hair-irl look, I’ll spray the sheer oil at my roots and brush through.

To Fight Frizz

Both the Sheer Oil and the balm are great in my purse as midday frizz fighters. I rub a small amount in my hands and work over fly-aways. Just a little bit of moisture – especially in these dry winter months – really makes a difference.

For a subtle, shimmery glow

The Coconut Body Glow is great for days when I’m feeling a little ‘extra’. The subtle shimmer is enough to make me feel ready for a night out and works wonders for otherwise dull, lifeless locks.

If you’re a fan of coconut oil, I seriously suggest you try Kopari. Comment below and let me know what you think!



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