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Introducing the FIRST EVER Collagen Based Hair Color Line

Move synthetic dyes to the side, because there’s a new color line on the market. Referencing her own experience, celebrity hairdresser and educator Gina Rivera developed a color line made with from a collagen blend, specifically created with entrepreneurial colorists in mind. We checked in with Gina to find out more about the too good but true Curated Color Collection COLOURS by Gina.


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Designed for Colorists

As hairdresser and business woman herself, Gina developed a line that would neatly fit into the colorists’ world, and especially for stylists who rent booths and are often strapped for space. “With limited space, booth renters (who we lovingly call hair entrepreneurs) need a color range that requires minimal inventory and delivers maximum results,” says Gina of purposely pairing down her collection. The 60-shade line is far from slim, however, and was designed to be mixed and matched. “We are the first color line that is completely inter-mixable—intermix the shades, oxidizing volumes and ratios to achieve limitless color results,” says Gina who adds that one tube is all that’s needed to “create permanent, Demi-permanent or tone-on-tone results.”

Aside from the color, what makes the line really stand out is what it’s made of, which include healthy ingredients unheard of in color, such as biotin, collagen and baobab. This proprietary blend acts “like a supercharged multi-vitamin for your hair infusing each strand with hair healing benefits from the inside out,” comments Gina. This is def a #hairbreakthrough to remember because color processing is almost always harsh AF – and not usually a moment of hair healing.

Collagen, Biotin, Baobab

“Our exclusive mix restores hair strength, rebuilding weak strands while helping to prevent future damage,” Gina explains, detailing why. Biotin naturally occurs in the hair follicle. “Vitamin B7 fills in the gaps of damaged hair, smoothing the outside (cuticle) while improving the strength of the hair’s internal structure,” she adds. The collagen used in the line is derived from the Acacia Senegal tree, and this phyto-collagen “is a superior replacement to animal-based collagen. Collagen helps to improve moisture content of the hair, protecting against damage and breakage.” Baobab, which Gina dubs “natures miracle ingredient” can improve hair suppleness, repair dry tresses and boosts your mane’s overall appearance.

After experiencing the best hair of her life while pregnant, Gina had to know why, and then duplicate these benefits for her clients. “I started a product development journey, researching ingredients features and benefits. After partnering with an Italian chemist, I found an ingredient mix that rejuvenates the hair and would mimic the fabulous hair I experienced while pregnant,” she explains. The result was the unique blend of biotin and collagen or the “BioGen Complex” (plus Baobab).

colours by gina

(via Colours by Gina)

“Compared to other professional brands, COLOURS by Gina does not require any special rules for use,” she notes. One of its stand out features is the collection’s adaptability, allowing for the intermixing of the shades or with different color ratios. “The dye pigment load is perfectly calibrated so the levels are true. The dye mix overall is slightly elevated to allow for greater coverage,” she continues.

“We conducted a series of wash tests comparing our reds (the most difficult color to maintain) vs. key competitors, and after 5 washes COLOURS by Gina stayed true with zero changes in vibrancy,” she says. Of course, there was slight fading after 20 washes but it still performed due to the increased dye load and mix of natural tonal pigments.

colours by gina

(via Colours by Gina)

If you’re unsure of how the color works, Gina is literally teaching classes on it. “I want to provide unparalleled support, which booth renters currently do not receive from big name brands,” she explains. To address this, Gina is offering we unlimited education classes independent of buying levels. “We have embraced the digital age and will be providing specialized education online and viewable from all formats, PC, tablets or phones,” she says—so you can learn on the go!


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