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How to Take Care of Your Hair on a College Budget, According to YouTuber Ellie Thumann

Ellie Thumann is one of our favorite relatable young YouTubers. And shocker—like the rest of us, she’s struggled with how to take care of your hair in college. While there are many exciting facets to attending university, self-care can be challenging. With limited resources and crammed space, we’re not always able to maintain our appearance the way we’d like. Oh yeah, and how can we forget about a little something called college budget?

The new Hally hair color spokesperson—who just launched her own Blue Crush at-home hue—has somehow managed to maintain healthy-looking strands, and she gave us some insight into how we can do the same.

“I swear by my hair oil, and using products that are heat protectant as I use so much heat on my hair,” Thumann tells Mane Addicts. “I find that adding product before and after really helps keep it strong and healthy. Another easy way to save money when it comes to your hair is making sure that the products you’re using aren’t damaging, because once you’ve damaged your hair it’s a lot more expensive to fix it. Paying attention to the ingredients that are in your hair products, no matter the price point, is key.”

When it comes to how to take care of your hair in college, you can’t leave out the actual grooming process.

“I’ve had trouble figuring out how I could make a statement with my hair because I was always nervous I would mess it up,” she says. “It’s about finding the time between classes and work to style it and not just throw it in a bun. I tend to get lazy with it when I’m at school, and need to prioritize time to blow dry and take care of it.”

And it appears that “statement” was successfully made!

“Recently, I lightened my hair to a much blonder shade and I’m loving it,” Thumann says. “I’ve always wanted to take a bigger risk with my hair but was too nervous! I see so many friends on YouTube and TikTok experimenting with fun hair colors, but I never thought I’d be able to pull it off at home. So when Hally approached me, it felt like perfect timing! I love all shades of blue and thought this pale ocean shade would be a great pop of color with my current blonde.”

As for her can’t-live-without items?

“I 100% think my detangler is a must, as I have super thick hair and would not be able to brush it without,” Thumann says. “My hair oil as well as blow dry cream helps keep my hair protected and shiny when I use heat on it!”

And now that she’s taken the plunge with a bold hair hue, she’s adding Hally to her list of must-haves as well. 

“The foam formula is so fun and easy to use, plus it’s so gentle on your hair and washes out in a few weeks,” she says. “I love that it allows people to experiment without feeling like you’re taking a huge risk. Also, I love all the self-care products that Hally includes in the kit, like the under eye gels and the Stress Buddy Putty. I’ll definitely be bringing the putty back to campus with me for those long studying nights.”

To watch Thumann go from blonde to blue, check out her YouTube video below!

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