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MANESPIRATION: Colombre is Summer’s New Big Hair Color Trend

Colombre hair color by Danny Moon

Watch out ombre, there’s a new trend taking over this summer! We’re convinced the most badass new color technique is colombre.

Originated by PRAVANA guest artist and Andy Lecompte Salon colorist Danny Moon, colombre is the most wearable rainbow look yet. Moon introduces the technique as a “multi-colored look that offers bold, standout color that is still mainstream enough to feel comfortable.”

Danny describes the style as “a variation of the popular ombre hair color look, when the roots through the mid-shaft are a darker shade that gradually lightens down through the ends.”

Colombre hair color by Danny Moon

So what sets it apart from your everyday ombre? Moon explains, “For colombre, rather than lightening the bottom half of the hair to a blonde shade, the mid-shaft to the ends are transformed into a creative color, like blue, pink, purple or turquoise”

There are many fashion color options as a stylist, but Danny favorites working with the PRAVANA VIVIDS line. He says, “VIVIDS are a great color option because they’re customizable, long-lasting and super vibrant…The shades are perfect for colombre because the colors don’t bleed or transfer into other colors or hair”

Sounds pretty majestic. So is this similar to other bright color techniques that aren’t necessarily made for the everyday woman? Danny assures us that colombre “is a more subtle version of rainbow hair, leaving the top half of hair a darker, natural shade with a gradual shift down to creative color. It can be as soft or as vibrant as you like, and you can choose to use as many or as few colors as you prefer.”

And if you already have an ombre, “this look allows the wearer to cater to both sides of her personality,” says Danny, “the side that likes to ride on the back of a motorcycle, and the boss-side that likes that handles her business and conquers the world.”

Well, you can count us in! We’re ready to handle our business with a colombre’d mane! 

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