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This Brand New Mousse Hydrates AND Adds Volume

Are you team moisturize or volumize? Chances are if you’re in one camp, you’ll do whatever it takes to avoid the other. My ladies looking for volume, many of you shy away from any conditioning agent, even opting for a double shampoo if it means avoiding weight. For those on team moisturize, you may feel like you’re hair is bulky enough and would never want to add when you’re working so hard to cut down.

ColorProof Superplump Whipped Bodifying Mousse

(via Color Proof)

Well we’re here with a news flash—great hair needs both, and you can have it in one multi-tasking product (that may feel like a blast from the past). We’re talking mousse here, people. Jim Markham, founder of ColorProof, explained the benefits of his brand new salt-free Superplump Whipped Bodifying Mousse: $28, which is the ultimate in between product. The mousse doubles as a heat protectant, withstanding temps of up to 450 degrees and includes UVA/UVB to prevent hair from sun damage. You don’t need a lot of the foam to work, it’s feather light (which no one can argue with) and has style memory built in, for a look that lasts.

A ColorProof Superplump wall.

Salt is usually what helps create the thickness of mousse, but this is formulated without it, to preventing color from fading. “If you’ve got color you really shouldn’t be using anything with salt,” says Jim of the notorious color-stripper. Salt is used in so many products, but it’s often not mentioned at all, or even celebrated. Instead the Superplump mousse binds to locks through sunflower and coconut oil, which mix with a polymer complex to grip individual strands and plump them (but not in a bad way) from within, whether you decide to air dry or activate with heat. The mousse especially works for second day hair (because of the style memory) but won’t feel gritty or weighed down since it is so light.

Here for the cool whip vibes.

I try the mousse, though as an air-style kind of person, I opt for the diffuse and go option. As Jim says, the “proof is in the pudding.” My hair feels voluminous but not bulky, conditioned but not weighed down, and my curls are defined minus the gumminess—overall this mousse gets a 10/10.

ColorProof Superplump Whipped Bodifying Mousse


Curls coiled with the ColorProof Superplump Whipped Bodifying Mousse.


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