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Hair Industry Veterans Launch New Vegan Hair Color Brand ‘Color Space™’

New hair products, lines, and brands seem to pop up everyday, but what does “new” really mean in an industry that’s already saturated with products and promises? For Color Space™, a revolutionary line of permanent hair colors, lifting agents, lighteners, developers and bonders, the term “new” doesn’t just mean better. The product line is built on reinvention – and not just for hair color, but for the entire salon industry. 

Color Space™ was founded by hair industry veterans Ray Civello and Lupe Voss and has since launched a plethora of products for salons in the U.S. and Canada. “Lupe and I didn’t create Color Space™ to just make another color line—we’re here to inspire change in the color industry,” Ray said of the scientifically-driven line.

Exploring the field of color science is a key piece in the evolution of Color Space™ products, all of which are inspired and validated by accredited professionals in Scientific and Academic fields. Additionally, Color Space™ has established the first uniform neutral scale of color based on the Munsell Hue test, setting a new industry baseline. And the results of mixing science with art? A truly game-changing experience. 

New Vegan Ammonia Hair Color Brand | Mane Addicts
via Color Space™

Connecting the dots between science, light, and color, the product line offers easy-to-understand calibrated formulas. And thanks to 100% plant-derived ingredients that have been scientifically proven to be beneficial, the condition of the consumer’s hair after coloring is healthier and remarkably noticeable. Oh, and did we mention that it’s vegan and cruelty free?

The brand offers a range of products including vegan ammonia and ammonia-free permanent hair color lines, powder lighteners, developers, a bonding & restructuring treatment and an oxidization stopper cuticle sealant. Civello tells us, “our ZERO Ammonia-Free Permanent Hair Color and PRIMARY Ammonia Permanent Hair Color contains a micro-dye molecule that easily penetrates the hair shaft without over lifting the cuticle which provides better all-over coverage. Not only do we have easy to understand calibrated formulas, but our hair color line is vegan and cruelty-free with less fading and frizz reduction.”

For Voss and Civello, transformation is more than products. It’s a disruption to the ideals of beauty standards through inspiring individuality in every form.

“Color Space™ is a true celebration of community, diversity and inclusivity, and how each of these factors come together to create something uniquely, unapologetically beautiful,” explains Civello. “Together, we embrace “different”, and move past our comfort zone towards greatness in every form, building and learning off of one another as we go.”

Science is the standout for Color Space™, noting that “the quality is truly unbeatable, and we are so excited to share this line with the stylist and colorist community,” says Voss.

Color Space™ will offer several hero SKUs including:

Both Lupe and Ray have elevated the hair industry with their brilliance and expertise. Color Space™ intends to do the same by advancing hair professionals everywhere. Color Space™’s CS Ed program is comprised of community, creativity, and constant learning: a fully-enhanced hair color experience through product and transformative education by a best-in-class team led by Co-Founder and Visionary, Lupe Voss. CS Ed’s immersive and interactive hair color education programs teach you the skills you can take to the salon the very next day. Their classes cover everything from hair color basics to training your eyes to better perceive color. Learn techniques, formulations, how to improve the client experience and soft business skills in our online and in-person classes. They offer free weekly classes and weekly IGTV Lives to inspire you to live and create fearlessly.

Brands like Color Space™ don’t come around that often, especially when you consider how deeply Lupe and Ray care about propelling this industry forward in the right direction. Many brands are only created for capital. Someone sees the hair industry as a lucrative business and starts a brand to capitalize on a gap in the market. But that brand doesn’t care about much more than their bottom line. Consumers are just dollar signs to them. And they don’t focus on leaving a lasting impact quite like Color Space™.

We can’t wait, either. For as we all know, disruptors with true passion and genuine care don’t come around often, so when they do, we must take note. Industry professionals, get ready. The next era of hair care and salon success has finally arrived. 

turquoise eyebrows and Color Space hair color | Mane Addicts
Photo courtesy of Color Space™

Click here to learn more about Color Space™

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