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Color Wow Hair’s New Commercial Screams Perfectly Tousled Hair

Color Wow Hair Texture by Sally Hershberger Bed Head, Texture, Beach Waves, tossled hair

If there was a moment to lust after textured, tossled tresses, this is it. Color Wow Hair released a new hair campaign commercial featuring their best sellers– the Brass Banned Mousse, Speed Lock Blow Dry Hairspray, and Pop and Lock Shellac. In the commercial we see models with shades varying from soft ombre, bright blondes, and even fashion colors like pale turquoise strutting their stuff in #girlpower strides. As each of the girl’s walk the catwalk, we see an several takes on carefree bedhead, styled by the one and only Sally Hershberger. Known as being the ‘queen of texture,’ Sally turns what could have been a run of the mill commercial into a platter of eye candy for the hair obsessed. Take a look for yourself and let us know what you think in the comments below…

2 minutes

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