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I’ve Officially Defeated Humidity Thanks to This Supernatural Spray

Have you ever asked yourself – if I were blindfolded, would I be able to tell if I was standing on a sidewalk or in a sauna? If yes, then we have dealt with the same nagging hell of humidity. The hot, hot, heat can make you drip sweat without doing much of anything and can make your hair go from normal to massive frizz attack in minutes. It’s totally counter to that blowout you just got before mother nature woke up like, nah.

In NY, humidity can creep up on you at any moment, during any season—it’s truly a year round problem. Is it snowing out? Yes, and also humid. How’s that crisp fall treating you? IDK, humid. Spri—? Still dealing with thunderstorms, wind and yes, humidity. But of course, there’s nothing like the summertime, when 100% humidity is an actual thing on my weather app. For days like that, I head straight to my humidity arsenal—if it exists, I’ve tried it. So when I was invited to the launch of Color Wow’s Dream Coat Supernatural Spray: $28, which claims to make locks humidity-proof, I thought…you’ve got yourself a challenge.

(via ColorWow)

Color Wow’s spray works by locking down the hair cuticle so that moisture is literally sealed in—and none can be let out. It’s an iron tight system devised to guard your mane against the elements. The brand’s Chief Chemist, Joe Cincotta, Ph.D., describes it like a raincoat. “Dream Coat works by repelling humidity and water,” he says succinctly. To activate the product, you need to bust out the blowdryer, which works as a sealant. The tension from your dryer “not only protects hair from humidity but makes it smooth and silky,” he explains.

Dr. Joe was not kidding. I’m told not to be afraid of the product, and so I literally cover all visible strands with it. More is more, I think as I feel it sinking in. I pick up the blowdryer and apply extra tension with a brush to make sure it can do its thing. The result? I am beyond happy to report that omigod it works—my hair is left impenetrable to humidity. For maybe the first time ever, my head has become a “do not enter zone” for frizz. I’m used to walking about 50 feet post-blowout, only to have reality set in, and that, no, the AC does not plan on following me out the door—before my hair grows the equivalent of 4 dress sizes. With Dream Coat Supernatural Spray, this is not the case. I really feel supernatural at this point, because with every step I take I’m actually defying nature. Right now it’s, Me:1, Humidity: 0, and that’s how I plan to keep it.

HERE‘s what you need to guard against humidity on the daily.


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