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How My Former Colorist Always Made My Experience in His Chair Uncomfortable

Among the perks of getting your hair done are endless pours of champagne, plenty of time to check your email and an essentially free therapy session.

Unfortunately for me, I had a colorist who made my experience in his chair the furthest thing from enjoyable. What’s even stranger about the whole thing is that we were good friends! you’d think I’d be thrilled to see him at his workplace. But instead, this is in fact where his true colors came through. He’s one of the most jealous, judgmental, negative people I think I’ve ever been friends with, and needless to stay, our relationship (personally and professionally) came to a halt as time went on.

He had recently underwent some major lifestyle changes when things got really bad. The changes he made were actually incredibly beneficial, and everyone commended his efforts to better himself. I get that when you make changes in your life, you may not want to continue in all the same friendships or situations, but he really took things to the next level. Instead of continuing to focus on bettering himself, he was so concerned with everyone around him, and for no reason.

Aside from the fact that he insisted on coloring my hair his way only (that’s a whole other story that I’ll be writing about in the future), he would always ask the same dumb questions as soon as I sat in his chair. First he’d ask how my “husband” is doing—a sarcastic nod to my best guy friend who he always despised for a reason none of us could ever pinpoint except jealousy. Then he’d sarcastically ask if I went out partying over the weekend. If I suggested I did something social that called for a 21+ ID, he’d berate me for my habits. Then he’d ask if I’d hung out with this couple he introduced who he used to be friends with. I always felt nervous saying yes out of fear for his judgey response, which was usually along the lines of something like, “They stopped talking to me because I don’t like to go out anymore, and they party too much.” I would smile and nod, thinking, “No, they stopped talking to you because you’re a hater.”

He gave me discounts because we were friends, and once I insisted that I didn’t want him coloring my hair the shade he swore by, he sarcastically told me to get it done by his former employee, following it up with: “But if you ever come back to me, don’t expect a discount.” Whoa. So, yeah, that kind of made everything easier on me anyway. I told him that I would, in fact, go to this other person, and I’ve been going to her ever since. Once that transition happened, we had lunch once for his birthday (four years ago) and literally haven’t spoken since. The whole thing has definitely made me appreciate my current hairstylists and my experiences in their chair!

Speaking of that colorist, HERE‘s the best color (or cut) for you, based on your zodiac sign!

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