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5 Commonly Overlooked Things You Need to Consider Before Opening a Hair Salon

Opening a hair salon sounds great in theory. You know the hair business better than you know yourself, you have enough contacts to fill a baseball stadium, and you’ve got a wad of cash just waiting to be invested. But even the most seemingly knowledgable, well-connected people end up with failing salon businesses because they fail to keep some major necessities in mind. Below are five commonly overlooked things you need to consider before opening a hair salon.

Things to consider before opening hair salon | Mane Addicts
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Opening Date

The more you push back an opening date, the fewer people will anticipate or spread the word about your salon. Instead of having to deal with a bunch of false starts, wait until every last detail is in order before sounding the alarm. Not to mention, construction almost never sticks to schedule.

Unexpected Costs

How many times have entrepreneurs saved up only to run dry due to unforeseen expenses? You may have the best business plan in order going into the situation, but you must anticipate things won’t go as planned. Be sure to budget accordingly.

Adequate Staff Training

It’s important to be totally hands-on when you first launch, and to train your team to know the company inside and out. First impressions are key, and you don’t want to be in a situation where you’re using those few opening months as a trial period. Your team should be in tip-top shape the moment your salon opens its doors.

Community Bonding

Having a solid PR team is certainly beneficial to a potentially thriving business. But at the end of the day, consumers want to connect with the actual individual whose brand they’re supporting. Let people see your face!

Meticulous Decor

Going back to earlier in the list, your salon’s initial launch is not the time for trial and error. Everything should be in impeccable taste and condition at first glance. Above all else, make sure it is clean.

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