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An Astrologist Explains the Connection Between Your Hair Color and Your Aura

The power of color is an important thing to recognize. Sometimes organizing a room by color can completely the way you look at your things and help you think more clearly. Likewise, inviting a certain color into your life can affect your mood and energy, especially if it’s based on your aura color.

Taking all this in – and considering our head is surrounded by our hair color – we wanted to find out more about our auras, energy levels, and the impact of color overall, so we reached out to Kelly Rich, Intuitive, Psychic, Medium, Usui/Holy Fire Reiki Master Teacher and host of the Own Your Intuition podcast.

All About Auras

For those not up with the new-agey lingo, let’s begin at the beginning and dissect what, exactly, is an aura. “An aura is a layered energy field around a living being’s essence and helps to filter in information from our experiences. Sometimes there can be energy leaks, places of vulnerability and also information that can be picked up by other beings around us,” says Kelly.

To help Kelly prepare for her intuitive, psychic + mediumship readings, she will tune into the person’s energy and can often receive information relating to the energy field, or the aura. “Sometimes I pick up on this information as a clear knowing, other times their guides will show me colors, energetic or entity attachments, energy leaks and the sorts that that person may be currently experiencing or have a pathway for experiencing if something doesn’t change or stays the same. Although we have free will, our aura’s change and evolves with us. If we are feeling an extreme shift in energy or mood, then our energy fields can reflect that,” she continues.

Like a mood ring, the color of our energy can change depending on what we’re experiencing, likewise, by channeling the power of certain colors we can hope to invite change in the right direction into our lives. Kelly explains, “Intentionally calling in a certain color can be powerful and potent medicine. For example, if someone is wanting to buy a new home or make a shift on their geographical location, it may support them to call in the color red. Red is a powerful vibration that helps us to ground, anchor to the earth plane and bring our ideas and desires to birth in this dimension. Each color can have different meanings and can also present themselves differently around a person or living thing. Sometimes there is a lack of color or an ‘energy leak’ that can show where a person may have a weak spot that may eventually, over time, or quite suddenly, start to experience physical symptoms in or around that space to get their attention,” she explains.

Intentionally channeling color may not totally tip the cosmic scales, but it’s a nice start. “Everything is connected – our thoughts, words, feelings, etc. We can’t shift one without the others also shifting with it. If you want to know more about your aura and its colors, I would first start by paying attention to how you feel and letting yourself be guided by that wisdom,” shares Kelly.

The Meaning Behind Color

What better place to directly channel energy than by altering the color of your halo/crown (more commonly known as your hair). Here’s a cheat sheet to the colors of the aura and what they all mean:

Image via https://www.auraology.net/colors

Red – this fiery color is associated with passion and a desire to initiate positive change.

Orange – orange is associated with fertility, confidence, independence, and health.

Yellow – yellow, or blonde, is correlated with intellect, business skills and wealth.

Green – green is related to the environment, as well as love, fidelity, trust, harmony and healing.

Blue – this tranquil color is associated with the arts, healing, and a broader vision.

Indigo – indigo is a level up on the spiritual plane and indicates advanced intuition or sensitivity.

Violet – violet is a mystical color and indicates a love of humanity as well as an ethical person.

White – white is associated with boundless energy and innovation.

Magenta – magenta is known for vision and originality.

Pink – pink means unconditional love, nurturing, gentleness, and reconciliation.

Check out THESE color trends to invite some new energy into your life.

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