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Consider THIS the Ferrari of Hair Extensions

Buying hair extensions can be as complicated as solving a rubik’s cube.

There are countless companies all promising the most bang for your buck and great quality. There are also different types of hair you can purchase and different lengths. Here is why remy hair is a solid option when you are thinking of investing in extensions.

What is Remy Hair?

Celebrity hairstylist & Luxy Hair brand ambassador, Ruslan Nureev explains what all the fuss is about with Remy hair. “It’s the highest grade of hair, it is human hair, not synthetic,” he begins. “Remy hair is silkier and softer, [it also] gives [you] very natural look and it blends in well with your own hair.” Remy hair is considered top quality in the industry because it means that the cuticles have been kept intact.

Remy hair produces less tangles after wear compared to lower quality hair. “From years of experience working with all types of hair extensions for runways, shows, red carpets, and music videos, I can be very confident to say that you want Remy hair in your hair extensions,” our pro asserts. “Human hair can be colored, curled, straightened, washed, and blow-dried just like your own hair,” Ruslan explains. “On the other hand, synthetic hair can’t do any of those things. I think it’s very important to use Remy hair to achieve the most natural-looking hairstyle,” he concludes.

How to Find Your Remy Hair Match

According to Ruslan, knowing that you should opt for Remy hair is the easy part. The next step is a bit more complex. “You have to find the right hair extensions [that are] very close to your texture color,” he advises. Most companies share how to match their shades on websites but others also have IRL extension bars you can visit. Extensions are always an investment so make sure you learn about return policies before you commit to a brand.

Now that you know why Remy hair is important, HERE is a list of our favorite clip-in options.

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