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Real Women Get Candid About Their Natural Hair

Here at Mane Addicts, we are all about inspiring women to embrace their natural texture. In honor of Black History Month, we’ve tapped six social media influencers to tell us about how they learned to love their curls! From the “big chop” to what their hair looked like growing up (hint: straight), these women reveal how they learned to find confidence, beauty, and self identity with their afros. Below, guest editor Grasie Mercedes tells us a little bit more on why she wanted to put “A Conversation About Natural Hair” together!

Two years ago this summer I did “The Big Chop!” Since then, I’ve connected with so many beautiful women who also went natural at some point in their life. I noticed we all had similar stories that were also 100% unique. I had the idea to get some of these inspirational women in a room and just talk. They each told their hair story and expressed their unique point of view. Together we chatted about what it was like growing up with straight hair, why we went natural, why we love our hair, the challenges, hair tips and the whole “don’t touch my hair” phenomena. I’m proud of what we created together and I hope it inspires more women of color to embrace and love their hair. Enjoy!

This video features: 


Aisha Alfa Natural Texture Natural Curls A Conversation About Natural Hair


Gabi Fresh A Conversation About Natural Hair


Grasie Mercedes A Conversation About Natural Hair Texture


A Conversation About Natural Hair Natural Hair Texture


Bianca Alexa A conversation about natural hair texture


A Conversation About Natural Hair Texture Black Curly Kinky Hair Model

Directed by: @brechtvanthofProduced by: @grasiemercedesEdited by: @peetmontzingo


2 minutes

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