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How Chrissy Teigen Stole Our Hearts… And Our Stomachs

There, we said it. Like millions of women across the world, Chrissy we want your life.  While we know reality makes this impossible, we did come close by stalking her Instagram and calling in an interview favor.  So with high hopes we sat anxiously jumping at every email notification, until one day the cooking Gods opened the clouds and shined down upon us the good news; Mrs. Legend would share her secrets on how her hair looks so damn good.  So kick back with a slice of pumpkin pie and twist your hair into a Teigen topknot, because things are about to get real sexy in here.

Who is your hair inspiration? 

Hmmmm my hair inspiration…this one is tough! I always love the effortless sexiness of Jessica Alba and the glam of Jennifer Lopez. But I get to work with such amazingly talented stylists that I honestly love letting them go off and do what they do best. I know what tends to work for me but there’s also a reason I could never be a hairstylist. I think it’s important to work with people you trust and love and let artists be artists!

Do you have two favorite hair products?

Oribe everything.

Do you have any hair styling or maintenance secrets/tips?

I am hair-challenged. If left to my own ways, I am either in a hat or a top-knot. There is nothing else. That is my secret: hide it any way possible and distract people with super-short shorts.

Do you have any bad hair day/style memories?

I’m still traumatized from the hair I had for Obama’s inauguration in January ’09. I shudder thinking about it. It was a pretty harmless, regular blowout then they whipped out the serum. It was stuck to my forehead. Just such a greasy mess. I’m mostly upset because I got to meet Mariah Carey that night and that’s the picture I have with her. I’m pretty positive the first words out of my mouth were, “Hi I love you and I know my hair is gross”…. and now you’re going to google it aren’t you? You totally are.

Who is your go-to hairstylist and/or colorist?

I actually love using a range of people. Sometimes I prefer certain people for editorial shoots and different people for red carpets. And there are some that are great at both. But even if someone is EXTREMELY talented, I still have to be able to sit in that chair and enjoy spending time with them. I really work only with people I love personally as well as professionally. Jen Atkin, Giannandrea, Anthony Campbell — and I’m lucky that there are more that I’m forgetting horribly now. Color wise, there is nobody like Tracey Cunningham. She is magic.

What are your 3 must-have items for travel?

I’m boring. Bose noise-canceling headphones, Apple laptop and iPhone. Technology owns me.



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