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Cop Kate Bosworth’s Met Gala Updo

If there was one stunner at the Met Gala, it was Kate Bosworth’s regal updo created by hair legend Peter Gray. The perfect look to cop for a summer wedding or spring dance, this look is gorgeous and runway inspired with beautiful floral adornments. Peter gave us the scoop on recreating the look below.

Kate Bosworth Met Gala Updo by Peter Gray 

“The look was inspired by the Dolce dress. Kate is always open to ideas and enjoys collaborating.”



Kate Bosworth Met Gala Updo by Peter Gray


  1. “I started by blow drying and pulling her hair gently back to create a small silhouette with an off center part.
  2. I then fish tail braided the low clean pony using dry texturizing spray to thicken and soften the tail which was then lightly back brushed and knotted to itself.
  3. Raiding a fresh bouquet in the room and with Michael’s collaboration, a few flowers were placed into the braided knot. We decided to use one of the crowns provided in the jewelry selection and used thread elastic and a large needle to sew and secure it in a low position so it looked more Grecian than regal.”

Kate Bosworth Met Gala Updo by Peter Gray

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