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Copenhagen Fashion Week 2015 Street Style Hair

Woven Braids Copenhagen Fashion Week

Fashion week in Copenhagen is not just a runway event, the street style is sure to make heads turn as well. Fashion week in Copenhagen is no exception; the fashion and hair scene on the sidewalks gives the catwalk a run for its money.

Wavy Natural Texture Copenhagen Fashion Week

The gorgeous locals know how to turn up the wow factor as much as the models,  and the hair was as much of a scene stealer as the clothes. Gorgeous girls donning braids, bangs, and amazing texture was seen on the street scene at Copenhagen fashion week. 

Double Braids Copenhagen Fashion Week

As other fashion weeks start around the world it will be interesting to see what street style trends will be showing up on the sidewalks. Will Copenhagen have started a braid and bang movement for next season? Stay tuned to find out! 

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