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The Best Copper Hair Color for Your Skin Tone

There’s no denying it, copper is the hair color of the season. Maybe even of the year? With celebs like Kendall Jenner and Sydney Sweeney donning the hue, everyone is ready to go red. But before you opt for any shade of copper, it’s important to know which copper hair color is right for your skin tone.

“There’s definitely a tone for everyone, but sometimes the undertones in your skin will make one shade of copper really pop while another just doesn’t feel right,” notes Alex Brownsell, co-founder and creative director of Bleach London. We spoke with Alex to better understand which shades of copper work for the various skin tones and why it’s important to consider your skin tone in the first place. Read her expert advice below!

Why It’s Important to Consider Your Skin Tone

Not every hair color is flatting for every skin tone or even undertone. What may look radiant on a darker skin tone might look drab on a fair skin tone. And even those with the same skin tone but a different undertone will need to update their shade selection a bit to complement their complexion.

“The undertones in your skin can potentially clash with a hair color,” Alex shares. When it comes to copper specifically, she mentions that those with redness will have to be careful with the color. “If you have rosacea or a lot of redness in your face, some of the more reddy coppers will make this stand out more. In this case, it might be better to pick something on the golden side to better complement your skin,” she says.

Best Copper Hair Color for Pale Skin Tones: Muted Copper

Those with pale or fair skin will benefit from a more muted take on the color. Alex recommends “trying rosy, gold, and soft, more muted copper tones.” Want to get the color yourself? “Try Bleach London Rose Gold or Awkward Peach Super Cool Colour, or customize your copper by using Proper Copper mixed with Just Like Honey Super Cool Colour,” she says.

Now, a muted hue isn’t the only fiery shade for pale complexions. If you want to go brighter, Alex suggests you take “inspiration from Leeloo in The Fifth Element and go for an electric orange. It looks great on pale skin tones.” To get the hue, “mix Proper Copper Super Cool Colour with Curious Orange [to] give you true orange locks. Or, mix in some of our Tangerine Dream for a brighter hue.”

Best Copper Hair Color for Medium Skin Tones: Golden Copper

Alex shares that “coppery shades with golden tones will brighten the complexion and bring out the warmth of medium skin tones.” A deep, golden auburn is always a safe bet for your complexion. To mix up the color, “layer Bleach London Copper Toner followed by Proper Copper Super Cool Colour” and you’re all set.

Best Copper Hair Color for Olive Skin Tones: Red Copper

“For olive skin tones, try reddy coppers or cherry-cola copper shades to complement your skin tone,” Alex says. And if you want to mix up the shade with Bleach London products, it’s pretty simple. “Mix Bleach London Proper Copper Super Cool Colour with a splash of I Saw Red Super Cool Colour,” she shares. It really is that easy to get the hue.

Best Copper Hair Color for Light Brown Skin Tones: Auburn Red

There are a few options that would work for your complexion. “For those wanting a darker tone, opt for rich copper and coppery auburn-reds. The golden pigments in Bleach London Proper Copper are flattering for warmer, brown skin tones,” says Alex.

What if you want to go lighter? You absolutely can. “Lighter colors that contain gold tones like deeper honey-toned coppers will also make light brown skin pop. On pre-lightened hair, tone with Bleach London Champagne Super Toner and then layer on Proper Copper,” Alex shares.

Best Copper Hair Color for Dark Brown Skin Tones: Vivid Copper

The best copper shade for you ultimately comes down to your undertones. Alex notes that “vivid copper will really enhance that warmth” will enhance warm undertones. So if you have warm undertones and want this copper, “try mixing Bleach London Proper Copper with a dash of Tangerine Dream.”

Have cooler undertones? Alex shares that “a lighter color like a bright pinky-orange or coral tone can be striking” for your skin tone. To get the shade, Alex suggests you “use Bleach London Burnt Peach. The orange will complement the cool blue undertones in your skin.”

Best Copper Hair Color for Black Skin Tones: Mahogany Brunette

Your skin tone will best be complemented by a mahogany brunette. “The violet in this shade will enhance golden tones in the skin and the touch of red will complement a deeper complexion,” Alex shares. To get the shade, “add Bleach London I Saw Red Super Cool Colour over hair that has only been lightened to medium orange. And, for a fun pop of bright color, try Bleach London Tangerine Dream Super Cool Colour.” Have fun and don’t be afraid to go there with the shade!

Now that you know the best copper for your skin tone, it’s time we shared some tips on maintenance. HERE is how to take care of copper hair!

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