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Here’s What You Need to Know About Cordless Styling Tools

Being bound to a single area because of your styling tool cords is an annoyance that we’ve stopped questioning. Yes, it’s trash to not be able to move around freely when heat styling. And it’s especially inconvenient when we risk blowing a fuse, need an extension cord, deal with a too-short cord—this list goes on and on. So, when we discovered cordless styling tools, we had to learn more. Monica Abramov, co-founder of Lunata explains how the company’s cordless hair styling tools came about and how the game-changing stylers work.

(via Lunata)

How Do Cordless Styling Tools Work?

It’s easy to ignore how cumbersome cord styling is. It isn’t until you actually use a portable styler that you realize (not to be too dramatic) how cords are holding you back. According to Monica, the cordless styling tools work exactly like their corded counterparts. However, to solve the cord conundrum, they feature removable batteries so you can carry spares if needed. It takes about three hours for the stylers to be fully charged. This time will keep the styler hot at the highest heat setting (450°F) for 45 minutes. 

The execution of the Lunata products was a long time coming, Monica explains. “Ever since Stacey (the co-founder) and I were young girls, we’ve spent countless hours parked in front of a mirror with a hair tool in hand. Over the years, straightening/curling our hair has become a right of passage and a task that most women couldn’t imagine their lives without. As we grew up, our time was spent more on the road, the office, and running from one place to the next. We blew a few irons on international trips, did our hair in hotel hallways due to a lack of plugs, and have endured the frustration of countless hours spent trying to untangle our hair tools. We had less time and felt guilty sitting too long in front of a mirror. We started to value convenience and speed, while not wanting to sacrifice the look of our hair. From this need, Lunata was born,” she continues. 

“Along with a team of industrial designers and engineers, we launched our first product in October 2017. In only a few years, Lunata has revolutionized the beauty industry with its high-heat, cordless styling tools that are unlike anything else on the market. Our mission is to continue to create game-changing tools and products that offer meaningful solutions for women on the go.”

(via Lunata)

Best Cordless Tools

The brand’s underlying mission is to “free women from cords,” which is a metaphor for being able to move and style freely. We could get poetic here, but the bottom line is that no one likes to be restricted. “Our products are amazing for women on the go, as they help them get from home, to office, to gym, to dinner/evening. Specifically, our cordless hot tools, allow you to touch up on the go quickly and easily,” says Monica. She adds that the tools extend the life of your blowout and the time you can go between washing. 

Lunata currently carries a curling iron, flat iron, and a few other cordless styling tools. Monica tips us off that a blowdryer is in the works. “Our products will get ‘smarter’ and more connected,” she says. Aside from being able to do your hair anywhere, and not being restricted by a cord/plug, it’s amazing not to have cords in your face while styling, on your counter (tangled with other cords), and not having to worry about voltage when traveling,” she adds, as all of our products are dual voltage too. 

Speaking of cordless hot tools, HERE are the best cordless flat irons money can buy!

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