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Miley Cyrus’ Hairstylist Shares the Best All-Around Hair Maintenance Tips Amid Quarantine

We’re all breathing a big sigh of stress because we don’t have access to our hairstylists and colorists amid coronavirus-induced quarantine.

With the pandemic preventing us from doing literally anything, we’re all about to see split ends and grays emerge aplenty.

That said, just because we’re locked away doesn’t mean all forms of hair care are off limits. We chatted with salon owner and hair extraordinaire, Sally Hershberger, who shared her best all-around mane maintenance tips amid quarantine.

Air-Dry Your Hair

We’re big proponents of a good ol’ “I woke up like this” look, and Hershberger agrees. Simply put: “Leave your hair natural,” she says.

We know nailing just the right air-dry is different for everyone, so we put together this handy guide for each hair type.

Limit Heat Styling

Despite technically being away from the rest of the world, we still tend to our weekly Zoom calls and #quarantineselfies on Instagram. Therefore, there are indeed times we want to look particularly presentable—even from our kitchen table. Hershberger says you can still do that, but fight the urge to use heat.

“Heat styling can cause a lot of damage and dryness to the hair, so limiting this while you’re at home can keep your hair healthy for longer,” she explains. “While it can be tempting to bust out the flat iron, take this time to let your gorgeous, natural hair loose. For those wanting to do a bit of styling, I suggest using a leave-in conditioner, like the Sally Hershberger 24K Liquid Assets Daily Conditioning Remedy, for moisture and protection, and using your blow dryer on its coolest and lowest option.”

Give Your Mane Some Much-Needed TLC

With seemingly all the time in the world, you can help rebuild your strands.

“Take this time at home to really give your hair some extra love,” Hershberger suggests. “Adding in a hair mask or hair oil to your regular hair care routine can keep your hair soft and healthy. This can help maintain your hair in the best condition as possible without being able to go to the salon. I love indulging in the Sally Hershberger 24K Golden Touch Nourishing Dry Oil to hydrate and smooth frizz without any greasiness.”

For more hair care amid quarantine, check out THESE products to use in place of a haircut.

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