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Why You Need to Learn How to Corset Braid ASAP

Festival season is in full swing—and by now you’ve had your fair share of festival hair inspo thanks to Coachella. With many more festivals on the horizon–Governor’s Ball, Glastonbury, Made In America, and more–we plan on learning how to corset braid, stat. Though corset braids have been around for quite some time and have been a little girl signature in the past, they have officially emerged as one of 2017’s biggest festival hair trends.

Corset braids look intricate, polished, and unbelievably cool–but don’t be fooled… they’re far from hard. All you need is string or ribbon to weave through the braids. They can be any size and it’s a technique that works across hair textures.

Corset Braids

At last year’s Mizani 25th Anniversary, we were obsessed with the corset braids Cesar Ramirez executed to perfection. So we thought there would be no better stylist to talk about the look with us. “Corset braiding is something I’ve played with for many years,” he told us. “But it wasn’t until recently that I began really incorporating it into some of my published, finished looks.”


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Before actually trying corset braiding, Ramirez had always wanted to add it to his braid repertoire. Of the style, he stated, “For me, this was something inspired by my love of period films. Movies like Marie Antoinette and shows like Vikings have inspired me to try different techniques in braiding.” And in 2017, few looks are really “new”, so the famed hairstylist reminds us that the technique has been used by a number of cultures throughout history. “Like my initial inspiration, many have used varieties of the corset braid technique throughout history to represent status within culture. Today’s version is a fun way to give flair to an updo or editorial hairstyle.”

When it comes to the style’s specifics, Ramirez sources fabrics for the braid from just about anywhere. “Fabric and trimming stores and jewelry supply stores” are his main go-tos. “Just keep your eyes open for neat textures and colors that you like,” he advises. And not to fret: there really is no perfect way to execute the style. “This is a creative and fun technique that you have to make your own,” he reminds us. “I personally do not like to recreate.”

You will need a few tools to achieve the style though:

  • A thick gauge sewing needle
  • A crochet hook
  • Color string, rope, or chains
  • Creativity and fun

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Will you be trying out corset braids this spring? Let us know in the comments below!

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