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Live Out Your Cottagecore Fantasy in These Hairstyles

Cottagecore has proven to be so much more than a microtrend. What started as a TikTok aesthetic during the initial COVID-19 pandemic quickly blossomed into a massive subculture that’s still going strong. Whether you’re already a loyal member of this ‘core trend or want to dip your toes into the aesthetic, it’s helpful to know how to dress for the occasion. So, we decided to share some cute and easy cottagecore hairstyles to pair with your floral sundresses that will help you nail this trend. Scroll below for our top picks!

Natural Coils Adorned With a Scarf

If you’re in need of an easy cottagecore hairstyle, look no further than this one right here. All you’ll need is a scarf of your choice to adorn your natural curls or waves. You can style your hair if you’d like, though you can absolutely sport this look with straight strands, too.

Half-Updo With a Bow

Another simple cottagecore style, this option feels especially romantic. Create your go-to half-updo as you normally would, then fasten a bow onto the back of your strands. You’ll want a bow that is slightly longer with earthy tones or a floral print. Anything too loud would ruin the cottagecore aesthetic.

Low Ponytail Tied With a Ribbon

Embrace your inner Disney princess with this cottagecore hairstyle. All you need is a ribbon to tie back your tresses. And if you’re finding it difficult to solely use a ribbon to do so, feel free to use a hair tie and then tie the ribbon around it.

French Braid With Baby’s Breath

The classic French braid is about as signature cottagecore as hairstyles come. Adding in some baby’s breath really elevates this look to fit the aesthetic even more. Any flowers will do, though there’s something about baby’s breath that screams cottagecore.

Gibson Tuck With Flowers

For a cottagecore look with a vintage twist, try the Gibson tuck. This hairstyle is somewhat of a twisted low bun, though it’s far easier to recreate than it sounds. Adorn your tuck with some cottagecore-esque flowers and you’ll be all set.

Braided Bun

We have yet another braided hairstyle worth trying. A braided bun is a very dainty and sweet cottagecore look that doesn’t take much time to pull off. Again, you can always toss in some flowers or ribbons to really amp up the aesthetic you’re hoping to achieve.

Brushed-Out Curls

As you probably know, cottagecore is all about developing a connection to nature. It rejects the idea of perfectionism, so your hairstyles should too. One way to do that is with the brushed-out curls look. This cottagecore hairstyle is both cute and easy to pull off. All you need to do is curl your locks, brush them out, then top them with a flower crown if you see fit.

Natural Tresses Topped With a Sun Hat

Don’t have the time or energy to put too much effort into your cottagecore hairstyle? Top off your natural tresses with a sun hat and you’re good to go.

Hair Scarf

When you don’t feel like fussing over your hair, adorning it with a hair scarf will suffice. Be sure to stick to more neutral tones and floral patterns. No animal print here!

Handmade Flower Crown

Rather than purchasing a flower crown (which you can still absolutely do if it’s more feasible for you), why not make one of your very own? Cottagecore is all about spending more time in nature, so take a day to pick wildflowers in your area and turn them into a crown. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

Braided Crown With Flowers

This braided crown hairstyle will keep your hair out of the way when you’re frolicking through the fields. And, it’s easier to recreate than it looks. Start by braiding two strands of hair, then wrapping them around each other. Tuck the ends in so people will think it’s one long braid and don’t forget to finish with some flowers.

Mushroom Accents

Not only are flowers a perfect cottagecore hair accent, but so are mushrooms. Clip some into your free-flowing strands to keep a piece of nature with you wherever you roam.

Floral Afro

Whether it’s flower clips or flowers you picked from your garden, adding some to your afro elevates the cottagecore aesthetic that much more. These daisies really pop against a backdrop of darker curls.

Classic Braids

Classic braids are a super cute cottagecore hairstyle that works for every hair type and texture. Plus, they’re so easy to do—almost everyone knows how to braid their hair. We love the face-framing pieces of this style and the daisy hair clips at the top of the braids.

Padded Headband

Another simple cottagecore hair accessory, the padded headband exudes ethereal vibes and can be added to any hairstyle.

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