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Cotton Candy Colored Manes

The Milan SS15 Fashion Launch Parade was a colorful one, with Kevin Murphy styling the hair for Myer.  These looks were probably the most colorful of the SS15 shows so far, with an air of the ethereal about them.  The manes were coiffed by Co-Hair Directors Nathan Gorman and James Nicholson, to mimic the waves of the ocean while channeling the glamour of 30’s and 40’s hair hair dressing.  The juxtaposition of modern pop art, graffiti, and classic sophistication gave the hair an otherworldly appeal.  While this may not be a look you would want to mimic [or it might- Halloween is just around the corner], we were inspired by the cotton candy pastel colors, so we rounded up some of our favorite temporary colors for you to streak without the commitment.

Kevin Murphy Color Bug – literally like a lipstick for you hair, simply open and rub the product straight onto the hair where you want to see a splash of color.  For added vibrancy, use the white first, then your color of choice on top.  Washes out easily with shampoo.

Rita Hazan POP Color – A temporary aerosal that dries in five minutes and washes out easily.  This is great for super vibrant colors and instant Katy Perry glam even on the darkest of hair.

Hair Chalk – You’ll need pretty light strands to get vibrancy from these, and they process may be a little messier, but using chalk makes it easy to blend and draw on colors with control.  Mix and match several and maybe even do a whole end of rainbow ombre!  You may want to avoid wearing white as this can rub off on your clothes.

Craving something a little more permanent?  Go to the experts: Aura Friedman in NYC and Danny Moon in LA.

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