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Could Denim Hair Color Work For You?


Praise the blue jean gods because Britney + Justin’s iconic denim ensemble has inspired a new hair trend. That’s right, your favorite color denim jeans can now be worn on your head! 

Blue Jean Denim Hair Color with Pravana

Though hair has to be lightened to a pale blonde shade before the blue hues can be applied, the shade is easily customizable, making this bold color a nice option for all skin types. The cool multi-tonal color looks especially great with a dark base, making this a welcome option for those with naturally dark tresses. 

Blue Jean Denim Hair Color with Pravana

Justin Anderson, celebrity colorist and Pravana guest artist, tells InStyle, “The difference between denim hair and other creative color trends is that it doesn’t have to be super-saturated….Like denim, it can look a little faded and washed out.” Self proclaimed lazy girls rejoice!

Pravana Artistic Educator Meg B. White creates this Blue Jean Baby hue using custom blends of vivids, pastels, and neons. Take a peek as the mesmerizing application in the video above.

Would you cop this denim style? We want to know in the comments below!

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