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4 Innovative Products in the Hair Industry That Promote Workplace Health Safety

With coronavirus affecting everyone in the hair industry—with no definitive answer to when things will go back to normal—professionals are seeking every opportunity to maintain clientele and keep a COVID-safe salon environment.

The Pro Safety Group launched their Pro Safety Beauty Summit last month. It was a free online conference that featured the biggest names in the hair and beauty industry. Among the standout panelists of the three-day event were Riawna Capri, Kim Vo and Jonathan Colombini.

In addition to COVID-safe salon practices, participants also highlighted several products they’ve incorporated into their new routines, given the times. Keep reading for four innovative products in the hair industry that promote workplace safety.

an establishment promoting covid-safe salon products
(via Unsplash)

The Face Shields: $11

Designed to be comfortably worn for long periods of time, each shield prevents fog, fluid and debris from encountering the facial area. Each of these lightweight, powerful protectants is made of transparent, recyclable PET material, and provides coverage from the top of the eyebrow to under the chin area. A single order comes with an adjustable full face shield with one clear detachable visor.

(via The Face Shields)

SterileLight Illumicide Disinfecting Case – Beauty Edition: $389.00

Recommended for beauty gurus and hair pros alike, this product uses the power of germicidal light to disinfect all beauty-related implements. It provides effective disinfection in just three minutes. The case also provides storage space for easy mobility.

(via SterileLight)

HMUA Pro Pax: $14.95

While designed with makeup in mind, this standard hygienic safety kit is just as practical for hair professionals.

Its pack includes a pair of black, nitrile, powder-free, latex-free, non-sterile gloves; a black, four-ply hypoallergenic ear-loop face mask; and one black, biodegradable towel.

(via HMUA Pro)

UV Light Sanitizers (We Recommend an Affordable Option Like Wanderclean): $89.97 

Lab tested and proven to sterilize and disinfect, this ultraviolet sanitizing wand is packed with UVC LEDs that kill 99.99% of harmful bacteria and viruses, offering complete protection for you, your clients and your salon.

(via Amazon)

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