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Salon Experts Share COVID Safety Protocols They Expect to Extend Past the Pandemic

When it comes to being extra precautionary amid coronavirus, hair salons have nailed it. Stylists have gone above and beyond to ensure clients feel safe in their chair. In fact, they’ve gotten so accustomed to new ways of doing things that they the expect a handful of COVID safety protocols at hair salons to extend long past the pandemic.

To learn more about these elevated safety measures, we reached out to some well-established salon professionals, who were panelists during January’s Pro Safety Beauty Summit. Below, they share what they plan to implement long after COVID subsides.

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Outdoor Styling

Kim Vo tells us his move from inside upscale hotels to outdoor bungalows is something he plans to keep intact. He has chairs from Minerva that can withstand outdoor weather, and he follows dental practices, which include covering chairs with plastic for each client and cleaning them between clients with medical cleanser. He’s also installed AirDoctor air filters at each station.

Virtual Hair Consultations

UNITE’s Graham Nation tells us the need for digital hair consultations at the beginning of the pandemic is something he’s still presently maintaining and will continue thereafter.

Sanitizing With the SterileLight Illumicide Case

When it comes to COVID safety protocols at hair salons, film and TV hairstylist Darrell Redleaf tells us he’ll continue using SterileLight’s disinfecting case for his brushes, combs, scissors and keys to prevent cross-contamination. It disinfects everything in 180 seconds.

Pushing at-Home Maintenance Kits

John Henry Salon owner Jonathan Columbini will continue preparing at-home maintenance kits for clients to encourage more time between in-person appointments.

Scheduling Less Clients Per Day

The Beauty Can owner Laura Rugetti tells us she’ll continue leaving more time between client appointments. She thinks this is beneficial to both stylists and clients equally.

For more on COVID safety amid the pandemic, click HERE for four innovative products the professionals are using.

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