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Why Peach Creamsicle is Our New Go-To Color for the Summer

The countdown to summer is officially in full swing. But, before we hit the beach, pool and BBQs, we’re looking for some post-Memorial Day hairspo— because there’s nothing like a head-turning update to make us feel like our best summer selves. What are we channeling for 2017’s scorcher, you ask? It’s the creamsicle, of course.

That’s right, our favorite summertime treat is also (not so coincidentally) our favorite shade for the summer. The creamsicle-color trend is pretty much guaranteed to take over cool girl lifeguard chairs from NY to Cali. Want in? Look no further for our definitive inspo guide.

There’s more than one way to saturate your strands in this versatile, feel-good hue. From ombre to dip-dye or simply going all in, you’re totally in control of how to interpret “creamsicle.” And whether you’re looking for a tangerine tone or feeling the cotton candy swirl vibe, there are no wrongs when it comes to fun-loving summer hair.

Creamsicle hair color(via iStock)


Keep your roots dark and natural for an effortless vibe. Even though the color is definitely eye-catching, it doesn’t look overdone or like you’re trying too hard—think of this as the French/Malibu take on the trend.


Go as bright as you dare. Every day is guaranteed to be sunny when living in creamsicle—you pretty much bring the sun.

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If you want to keep hair on the lighter side without compromising glow, turn to the universally flattering pastel, as seen on Aubrey O’Day.

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The singer is no stranger to popsicle-hairspo—check out her firecracker inspired locks from July 4th!

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Is there any color Kylie Jenner hasn’t had?! Ahead of the curve, Kylie rocked creamsicle during NYFW in February, and now we want it for June.


This is full-color, full-throttle ombre of the June, July, August variation. Start with a salmon rose and fade to melon before landing on peach, otherwise known as “creamsicle catches the light.”


Adding an additional color into the creamsicle mix is guaranteed to make sherbet strands pop…pop…popping. We are loving how easily lilac blends into the orange tones. Consult the color wheel before taking the multifaceted plunge.


Keep in mind that when hair is this attention grabbing, you want to make sure it’s supported by a complementary style. This super clean blunt cut is the perfect backdrop to let center stage color shine.


Our go-to ‘do for the summer is definitely the bun. We are constantly pulling our hair back, not only because it’s practical but because no matter how we play with it, the style always looks so pretty. When your color rests atop your head like a surprise crown, you are officially the Princess of August.

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How citrus will you go? After you dye, learn how to keep color fresh all summer long, here.

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