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Crimped Hair Is Back, Thanks to TikTok

When tattoo chokers once again became a legit, wearable option, we should have known that crimped hair would shortly follow. These trends (along with a few others that are firmly back on our radar) epitomized the early aughts and have been recently revived. This time around, Gen Z is carrying the crimps torch (er, wand?) and showing off their style skills on TikTok. Here’s everything you need to know about the trend, from its inspiration to the tools necessary, and some great TikTok tutorials.


There have been many iconic crimped hair moments, but our absolute fave is Christina Aguilera’s look for her “Dirrty” video—flawlessly re-created by Kylie Jenner on Halloween. Somewhere between a wave and hair that’s freshly unbraided lies the crimping hairstyle. Aside from being an easy-to-achieve style, it’s also a beloved volume hack that the pros never really abandoned.

“I’m loving the crimped hair trend. It’s about time beach waves had a little competition,” says celeb stylist Monae Everett. “I love the fact that you can crimp your hair in different sizes. And I love the tiny tight crimps for creating volume and helping with back-combing, especially for updos.” There’s more than one way to wear it, she points out. “Larger crimping tools create waves that are more interesting than beach waves. They give me just a little texture or can be used with a heavy hold hairspray to create visible and strongly placed crimps from root to end.”

TikTok Crimped Hair Tutorials

Achieving a crimp is super straightforward. If you can use a flat iron, you can use a crimper. However, instead of crimping hair all the way through (the way you would run a flatiron from roots to ends), you section off the hair and crimp piece-by-piece. This is another thing that makes the style so fun and unique. You can crimp closer to the crown in one section, at the center for another, and then towards the bottom, mixing and matching your crimp pattern as you go.

Classic Crimped Hair

Crimped hair has a much tighter pattern than a wave. Thank more sawtooth and zig-zag, if you will. Creating a classic crim requires a specific heat-styling tool.


What do you guys think? Do we like the crimping?!? (Crimper is from @inhhair discount code: NICOL) #crimpedhair #crimpedhairtutorial #hairstyles

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If you’re looking to achieve more of a natural wave out of your crimps, simply tousle the hair by running your fingers through it and apply a touch of wave spray for a less ’80s or ’00s look, and more of a beachy vibe.

Heat-Free Crimps

Though we recommend a styler for really getting crimps right, you can also create tiny braids all around the hair and leave them in for a while (we suggest sleeping in them for a lasting texture) to get the look minus the heat.

Tools to Try

Tools matter when it comes to crimping, but you don’t necessarily have to break the bank to walk away with a winner. We swear by:

  1. Babyliss Pro Triple Barrel Weaver
  2. Amika High Tide Deep Wave Hair Crimper
  3. Bed Head Little Tease Hair Crimper
  4. Ion Automatic Crimping Hair Iron

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