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Crochet Bucket Hats Are This Season’s Standout Accessory

Bucket hats made a bit of a comeback this year, but one particular style stood out above the rest.

Crochet everything is having a moment – particularly when it comes to bucket hats From simple khaki knits to bold patterned crochets, these summer-approved accessories are the 90s update we’ve been waiting for. And the pros are taking note. Fashion icons like Bella Hadid jumped on the trend, and our favorite TikTokers are taking it in a DIY direction.


A teenie weenie tutorial on how to make a crochet bucket hat! Made these for our giveaway winners 💛🧶 #tiktokph #crochetph #crocheting #crochethat

♬ Put Your Records On – Ritt Momney

With just a few simple twists and turns of the knitting needle, you can rock this trend in a million different shapes and shades. But if DIY isn’t exactly your vibe (which we totally understand) you can definitely still get in on the crochet mane moment. Check out tk super chic crochet bucket hats below.

1. Lack of Color Inca Bucket Hat: $129

Always good to have a basic black bucket hat in your wardrobe. And this woven straw number is pretty much perfect for any occasion.

Lack of Color Inca Bucket Hat | Mane Addicts

Via Revolve

2. ASOS Crochet Straw Bucket Hat in Mint Green: $14.50

Just the pop of color we needed this summer. This loose knit straw bucket hat is as on trend as it gets.

ASOS Crochet Straw Bucket Hat in Mint Green | Mane Addicts


3. Anthropologie Crochet Bucket Hat: $50

Have you ever seen a prettier pattern? This floral knit bucket hat from Anthropologie is perfect for the poolside.

Anthropologie Crochet Bucket Hat | Mane Addicts

Via Anthropologie

4. UO Leia Crochet Bucket Hat: $10

Supermodel style at a steal – this simple berry-tinted bucket hat is the accessory to end all accessories. That’s ten dollars well spent.

UO Leia Crochet Bucket Hat | Mane Addicts

Via Urban Outfitters

5. Zara Crochet Look Hat: $3s6

A crochet bucket hat you can take straight into fall. With earthy browns and orange tones, this printed knit accessory is a standout staple.

Zara Crochet Look Hat | Mane Addicts

Via Zara

6. Etsy Blueberry Crochet Checkered Bucket Hat: $22

Get that DIY aesthetic without all that DIY-ing. We’ll be wearing this pastel checkered crocheted hat well into September.

Etsy Blueberry Crochet Checkered Bucket Hat | Mane Addicts

Via Etsy

Get your 70s on. THESE are the perfect curtain bangs for every face shape.

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