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Here’s What the Lead Stylist on Cruella Had to Overcome to Get the Iconic Look

“Cruella de Vil, Cruella De Vil…” Disney’s live action Cruella promises to be a happy escape from reality, and while we can’t look forward to PUPPIES, we are eagerly awaiting two hours of lewks – starting with the hair. Not only does the film reveal how the villain came to be, we get to witness her hair go from not-so-much to iconic in cinematic real time. Of course, if you think Emma Stone traded in her signature red locks for a black and white combo, you’re mistaken. Even though she carries this bold look like she was born with it, the hair used in the film was pure wig. But that didn’t make it any easier to style…

“From a practical sense, it was actually pretty hard because to get wigs made, black and white wigs made, the white hair is really hard to come by,” Nadia Stacey, head of the film’s hair and makeup dept told TheWrap of her big hair challenge, straight from jump. “It’s really hard to get, so I only actually had two black and white wigs for her, and then I kept kind of changing and swapping them out with all the different styles, and added things to them, and changing them. Yeah, like a do-it-yourself kit, Cruella hair.”

Not So Black and White

That wasn’t the only issue – while black and white is visually striking because it’s the definition of contrast, the way it’s perceived can affect the actual proportions of the hair, Nadia continues. “When you dress hair, as a hairstylist, there’s a symmetry to it. And when you’re dressing a certain style, you can see the overall picture of the style,” she says. That wasn’t the case for Cru, however. “The black and white hair kind of throws off your eye. It’s strange. So getting some of those styles right — and the black hair reacts different to the white hair when you’re styling it as well. It does two completely different things.”

Nadia and Emma Stone are hair besties, having worked on film The Favourite – and this relationship helped push all the good mane kismet that this movie is made of; we wouldn’t be surprised by an Oscar nod down the road. Emma actually called Nadia to let her know that she got the job as beauty lead on set, and that trust proved vital to allowing Nadia’s creativity to shine through. 

“She absolutely just let me go with it, and just let me come to her with it and trust me to kind of come up with it, so yeah, it was amazing,” Nadia continued of Stone’s unquestioning faith in her. “I guess that’s why it gave me confidence in the beginning because I knew that I had been given that trust from Cruella!”

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