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What Is Crystal-Infused Haircare, and How Do You Maximize Its Benefits?

Healing crystals are everywhere these days—in makeup, candles, jewelry, standalone home decor and so much more. And wouldn’t ya know, healing crystal haircare is no exception.

In fact, AIIR Haircare specializes in crystal-infused hair products, breaking through as the first company of its kind. Each of the brand’s products contains at least one healing component, ranging from amethyst and tourmaline, to quartz and more.

We reached out to AIIR’s founder (and pro hairstylist), Jenny Strebe, who shed some light on her fascinating innovations, and explained just how to maximize the benefits from healing crystal haircare. Keep reading for what she had to say!

Mane Addicts: What is a detailed description of crystal-infused haircare?

Jenny Strebe: Crystal infused haircare is exactly that—its haircare that’s infused with haircare. The AIIR line of products delivers a unique combination of high-performance professional hair products infused with natural botanicals and precious gemstones believed to deliver complete wellbeing. 

Crystals are known to have their own high frequency energy. AIIR is high vibrational haircare that has crystals infused that utilize the powers and intentions behind them. There was intention behind each crystal chosen for each product that I created: crystal quartz, rose quartz, sapphire, amethyst. 

Every crystal I chose was based on the intentions behind when a client would be using it. For example, Flexible Hold AIIR Spray is infused with rose quartz. Rose quartz is a crystal to help you feel more positive and loved. The reason I infused it into Flexible Hold AIIR Spray is because it’s used in every big event in everyone’s life whether it’s weddings, baby showers, job interviews, funerals and so forth. Rose quartz purifies and opens the heart at all levels to promote love, self-love, friendship, deep inner healing and feelings of peace.

MA: What does someone using the product need to do to get the maximized results from the infused crystals?

JS: I say, just be open to it, just like anything else in life. Be open to the possibility of the energies within the minerals. People have to be openminded to let go of old energies and accept the opportunity to unlock and explore new energies. Have intentions behind your usage. 

For example, when you use our Sapphire Shampoo and Sapphire Conditioner, create that ritual for yourself, and wash away the things you don’t need. With each product we create, there are affirmations on each bottle as well. We encourage our customers to explore and awaken those thoughts and energies coming from it.  

Quarterly, we change the affirmations on the bottle, based on what our community asks for. It’s about what speaks to them and how can AIIR be part of the process. It’s important that we listen and engage with our tribe.

MA: How did AIIR’s Amethyst Hair and Energy Refresher come to be? 

JS: I got the idea from changing the negative ions in the air. I thought about how many times I had a bad day and wanted to refresh my energy or maybe my client was having a bad day and I wanted to refresh their energy. Amethyst and Moonstone combined is a powerhouse to ward off negative energy and welcome the new.

MA: How was the product formulated?

JS: It was formulated by me and my friend who is an esthetician. I wanted a formula that was not only good for your hair but also your face. We went through several rounds before we nailed the formula. The formula features rose water and marula oil. Marula oil is rich in vitamin C and E and is a great antioxidant to moisturize and bring overall nourishment to the hair.

MA: What is your background with healing crystals? 

I fell  in love with crystal through my mother-in-law—she’s a gemologist. She always gave me a piece of crystal or stone to keep in my pocket wherever I go to boost the positive energy around me. That aroused my curiosity, and I still do it today!

I always knew I was going to be a hairstylist. When I was six years old, I was always doing funky things with my hair. Through middle school and high school, I would cut my own hair, cut my friends’ hair, I loved it so much! 

Fast forward, it’s been a 20-year career. I’ve always wanted to make sure I gave hairdressers a good name. I wanted to let people know we could do more than just cut hair. I like to look at it like stepping stones, I always pushed for more, each time with a little piece of crystal in my pocket. I like to think of my crystal as a little sidekick who reminds me that I can do it! I worked for a big corporate salon, opened my own, launched a blog, wrote a book and ultimately started my own haircare line, AIIR Professional!

I’m so proud of my journey. On March 15, I’ll be crystal healing-certified through an online certification program taught by bestselling author and ASTARA Founder Mariah K. Lyons.

MA: Is there anything else you want to share on this matter?

JS: Our newest launch is the AIIR Sapphire Leave-In Conditioner. The product is infused with Sapphire, known as the stone of wisdom and strength. It’s infused with the intention to restore balance, bring joy, serenity and peace of mind.

AIIR Sapphire Leave-In Conditioner is an exceptional leave-in styling protectant that protects your hair from UV rays, tames frizz and flyaways, hydrates dry hair and detangles while protecting the hair from thermal styling and environmental damage. A natural approach through coconut oil heals damaged ends while adding vibrant shine and luster to each strand without the excess weight. The end result is softer, more manageable hair, with improved strength and elasticity.

All AIIR products are cruelty free, 100% vegan and free of parabens, sulfates and gluten. Responsibly sourced holistic ingredients make up our formulas.

If you’re interested in learning more about healing crystals and their connection to hair, HERE‘s how they can actually help with hair growth!

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