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I Tried 3 Curl Cremes on the Quest for the Perfect Twist Out

What is perfect hair? Since going natural almost six years ago, I’ve constantly been trying to figure out what having “perfect” curls means to me and the answer keeps changing every few months. At first, it was the ideal shade of blonde, but now I’m over that. Then, it was the perfect twist out, which I thankfully achieve some of the time. Through the years, I’ve also become product-obsessed. Not in a bad way, but simply because it’s magical seeing how much a different co-wash or curl cremes can dramatically affect the look of my coils.

Over time, my hair has also changed a great deal. Note natural girls: if you’ve been coloring for a long time you’ll be surprised at your real texture sans color. So while I figure out what I’m doing next, I figured I should at least polish my twist out in the meantime. Or braid out. Or bantu knot out. As you can see, there are a ton of options. Curl cremes take the longest for me to go through and it was enlightening to use three different products within days of one another to really test out the differences. Below are the three different curl cremes I tried on my quest to get perfect curls.

1. Cantu Coconut Curling Cream

Curl Cremes Review

Cantu is one of the products I’ve been using religiously since I went natural. It’s a go-to for all curly girls all around the world and the brand name definitely carries prestige and quality. One of my favorite things about their products is the smell—you really never think about the importance of aroma until you go natural. So the coconut scent pulled me in before the product got to work. After going about my normal co-wash, conditioner, and mask routine—my hair needs a ton of moisture—I T-shirt dried my mane and put some leave-in conditioner in it to boot.

Next, I sectioned my hair into twelve parts and applied the creme to each set of strands, before twisting each up. Air drying for a few hours ensured they weren’t completely soaked before I went to sleep, followed by my silk cap, and anticipation for the morning’s results. To note: my wash routine can radically affect my twist out results, as well as the weather, and how long I allow my twists to set. I haven’t found any perfect combination just yet and I love the uncertainty of it all to be quite honest. One thing I’ve learned and loved the most about my natural coils is that no two hair days will be the same and no routine will produce the same results. It threw me for a loop at first, but I’ve come to accept it and embrace it now.

As for the results, my hair was still a little damp in the morning—to be expected if I do not dry my hair under a dryer or let my twists dry for well over 24 hours. But my twists were moderately defined, fluffy, and soft, which is what I often experience with Cantu products. Not my most perfect twist out of all time, but I would give it a B+ for all those I’ve done over the years. And with the product, I was able to re-twist again the next night to ensure I had even more definition for the next few days.

2. One N’ Only Argan Oil Curl Cream

Curl Creme Review

Confession: this product has become my everyday go-to. After visiting Morocco some time ago, I fell in love with argan oil and its bevy of benefits for your hair and skin. But I was cautioned that finding the real stuff wouldn’t be easy to come by and that was the absolute truth. I’ve still found that most products with traces of argan oil work well for me though, so I had high hopes for this creme. The outcome was great, with even less defined curls than my first twist out. I’m all for a fluffy fro though, so I was totally okay with it. I’ve determined that my hair is between 3C and 4A—that also changes with the seasons—so if you’re in the same coily boat, then just know that your hair will become more feathery by the day with this product. What I love most about it is that it softens up your tresses almost instantaneously. You can’t beat that!

3. Maui Moisture Curl Quench + Coconut Oil Curl Smoothie

Curl Creme Review

Last, but certainly not least was the newest kid on the block. I got some Maui Moisture products in my Curlbox a couple of months back and couldn’t wait to try them out. The creme was thick and smelled yummy, so I was optimistic about my hair’s reaction to it. And lo and behold, though imperfect, this was the best twist out I’ve had in a couple of months. My curls were defined and held their memory throughout my first day, with some expansion throughout the subsequent days as I played around with the style. I like to pin either side up as my definition wanes throughout the week, as well as pulling it up into a faux-hawk of sorts if doing another re-twist is out of the question due to fatigue and lack of time. I didn’t have to with this creme, but I’m wondering if my curls are simply eating it up because it’s new. I’ll be trying it out more this spring, along with some of the brand’s other products to see if this is really my A1 for the year.

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