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Curlformers: What Are They and How You Should Use Them on Natural Hair

With so many different styling products out there for curls, it can be overwhelming trying to find what works for you. But, if you’re looking for an easy, sure-fire way to style your natural hair perfectly every time, look no further than curlformers.

Although there are a ton of different types of curlformers to choose from (spiral, barrel, etc.), corkscrew ones work best for those who already have naturally tight, curly hair. If you’re new to curlformers or are just curious to learn about how they work, read on below for how to use them on natural hair.

HairFlair PRO Curlformers Corkscrew Curls Styling Kit: $59.95

(via HairFlair)

Anyone with tight curls knows how tricky it can be to establish the perfect styling routine for your hair. There are so many factors to consider—your hair length, porosity, specific curl pattern, and more. Whew, that sounds like a lot, doesn’t it? I’m here to tell you it doesn’t have to be that daunting if you do a few simple things first. To start, if you want your curls to look their best, stop using heat. Yep, sorry, I said it. Trust me, I know this is difficult if you love a good sleek, straight and polished look, but it will literally save your curls. I took advantage of 2020’s full lockdown by giving my hair the TLC it needed—no heat and more deep conditioning. My hair transformed in so many positive ways I can’t even tell you. The best part about using curlformers is that they’re totally heat-free so your strands will definitely thank you in the long run.

That being said, I have to stress the use of a deep conditioning treatment at least once or twice a week if you want ultra-polished curls. Once you’ve repaired any harsh sun or heat damage properly, then you’ll see much better results when using things like curlformers.

Because curlformers can work for any hair type, they’re a great way to give those with naturally curly hair more definition and volume if that’s what you crave. The lioness look will be all yours with HairFlair’s Corkscrew Curlformers. It’s best to start with damp hair and a leave-in moisturizer of your choice to prep your locks. After that, if you’d like to apply a mousse for extra hold, that works too! I would try to explain the next few steps in detail, but I know I’ll butcher it so instead, see the below video for much better instructions on how to properly use them.

Another thing to keep in mind when using curlformers is the length of your hair. If you have longer locks, you’ll most likely have to purchase ones marked “Extra Long” or something of that variety. This ensures the curlformers will cover the entirety of your strands and not end about halfway down. Let’s be real, that wouldn’t be a cute look.

Yes, you can pull off curly bangs, too! HERE’s how.

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